Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pink Floral Dress

 Here is a dress that I made earlier in '17.  I can't remember which month it was.  I picked out the fabric from Joanns and used the Odette Pattern from VFT.  This dress kicked my butt. It was the first time I used the burrito method and lets just say my seam ripper and I are were well acquainted in the making of this dress.  I do love the was this dress turned out.  The pattern calls for it fully lined, but I didn't have that much fabric so I just lined the bodice.  These are the only pictures I have, so you can't see that the back is a keyhole opening with ties.  There are also ties on the sides.  They are adorable, but kind of annoying because they get untied fairly often. As much as I love this dress, I'm not sure I have the courage to make another.  It was a very time-consuming dress to make.  Here is girlie wearing her dress in Hawaii!

Matching Cousin Dresses

 Every summer, I make matching dresses for Eesa and her cousin.  This year's dress was made from inexpensive (but still nice and pretty) Walmart fabric using the Cosette pattern from VFT. I think they turned out adorable! The dress looks so pretty when worn with pearls.  I also made their dollys matching dresses.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the doll dresses.  And pictures the back of the dress too, because those ruffles on the back are gorgeous! Girlie gets lots of compliments while wearing this dress. Here are the beautys in their pretty new dresses:

Monday, October 23, 2017

Moana Outfit


I made this Moana outfit back in June '17.  I made the pants first, with no intention of making the top. I just liked the trim! I used the Lilly shorts pattern from VFT.  She wore them with regular ol' shirts for a while until I made her the top. 
I made the top using the now discontinued Fiona pattern from VFT.  I used plain cheap-o broadcloth with the same trim, just trimmed shorter.  I trimmed the trim, haha.  Anyway, the design was done using fabric paint and freezer paper transfer.  It turned out quit well.  Eesa has only worn it once, I'm thinking about selling the top.  Here she is modeling her outfit:

Red & Teal Dress

Here's another knit dress, made back in April '17.  I think I used the VFT Maisie dress pattern, sized down to a 4 do accommodate the stretch of knit fabric. I used all thrifted fabric, so I probably paid about $3 to make this dress, yay for me!  I love how this dress turned out.  It is perfection.  Girlie wears it a lot, and unfortunately has somehow got a few holes in the bottom ruffle.  Grrr. 

Pink Harlow Top

And yet another great Violette Field Thread (VFT) pattern: The Harlow Top! It features a fitted top, a ruffled neckline, and a peplum skirt.  I've only made one but I'd like to make more.  Eesa wears this shirt quite often, mostly because her favorite color is pink!  I used about a yard or so of pink Walmart fabric I found in the remnant section for a couple of bucks. Here is Eesa modeling her Harlow Top.  Isn't it so pretty on her?!  I love it!  I made it back in April '17.  It was almost too big (I made a size 6), but she's grown into it since:

June Dresses

Here are some dresses I made using VFT's June dress pattern.  Oh how I love this pattern! The dress sews up fairly quick and I love how cute and unique it is! I think the open back is just gorgeous.  I even bought the 18" doll pattern so Eesa's dolly can match her! I've made Shimmer & Shine and two Shopkins dresses.  The pockets are perfect for storing Teeny Genies or Shopkins. Here are all of the fun June dresses that I made early summer '17:

Shimmer & Shine.


 Dolly Shopkins!

Isn't the back just the sweetest? Perfect for keeping her cool in the summer.

The three June dresses that I've made.  The pink Shopkins dress was made for her cousin.

  Eesa Modeling her Shopkins dress.  It must have been silly sock day!

Girlie in her Shimmer and Shine June dress.  It's shorter than the Shopkins dress only because I didn't have enough fabric to make it the length the pattern asked for.  I actually like the shorter length too.


 I made my first swimsuit! Usually I just buy girlie's swimsuits since I don't want to deal with buying expensive dancewear material and buying yet another pattern.  But since I had about a 1/2 yard each of silver and blue shiny, stretchy material that was thrifted (so practically free) AND I had a free swimsuit pattern from this site, I thought I'd give it a go. I didn't have enough in the length to make a one-piece like the pattern asked for, so I made it a two-piece instead.  The top turned out great, but I had to add a little section on the bottoms so it would fit over her booty.  I guess I didn't cut them high enough in the back, whoops.  I lined the entire swimsuit with some cheap-o knit fabric from Walmart. The swimsuit came together easier than expected.  Except my double needle fought with me the entire time, as usual.  I need to look into getting a different double needle, one intended for knits. 
I bought a mermaid tail pattern for $1 at Hobby Lobby and made her a tail out of it.  It was pretty quick and easy sew and Elisa loves it!
I actually bought a swimsuit pattern from VFT over the summer.  I wouldn't bother making a  swimsuit if it weren't for the fact that Elisa has a very, very looooong torso (aka girth).  Like, its two sizes longer than most girls her age.  But she's still skinny, or at least normal otherwise.  So it's really really hard to find her a one-piece that fits her properly.  It either hangs off her shoulders or its giving her a wedgie.  So I figured I could make her one that fits if I get around to it.  Otherwise, she just wears two-pieces like this: