Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vest & Pant Set

I made this awesome outfit back in May.  I had it in my head that I wanted to make a vest set for Elisa.  Despite me having 50 or so patterns, I decided to make something that I actually did not have a pattern for, go figure.  So....I pretty much drafted the vest from scratch.  I didn't have enough pink fabric to make a full back for the vest, so instead of being patient and waiting til I had more pink like a sane person would, I made the back out of ties and knots.  Which I actually think looks kinda cool, but I think a real back wouldn't slip off the shoulders as much. For the pants, I did use a pattern--the Lucy Pants pattern from VFT.  I also made the shirt using a basic peasant top pattern, using white broadcloth.  I also used pink and white broadcloth for the trim, and some cute jean material with shiny flecks of rainbow color which I found melt under the heat of an iron, haha whoops! The jean material was thrifted, so I didn't spend much making this experimental outfit.  Here she is in her outfit.  She actually likes wearing it, which surprised me because I kinda assumed she wouldn't touch it since its...not your usual outfit. Here are the pics:

Friday, October 6, 2017

Custom Order: Pinkalicious!

I usually only have a few items on my Esty shop, so I was surprised when someone actually found my wee wittle shop. I was asked to create a dress like Pinkalicious wears in the books.  I used the VFT Pepper pattern, sans sleeves.  I even added a little bit of stiff tulle to fill out the skirt. A cute, simple dress. I love the way it turned out:

Ahh! It's the ghost dress!

Aww, so cute!!

Christmas Dress #3

Another Christmas dress from 2016:

I had almost 2 yards of this cute Christmas fabric leftover from Elisa's Peppermint Swirl Christmas dress, so I decided to make one for my niece, too! I don't have the picture of my niece wearing it, but it sure looked cute on her!  I love the bell sleeves.  The ruffle at the bottom took waaay too  much time; I don't think I'll be doing much of these ruffles in the future.  

Christmas Dress #2

 Here is another dress I made for Eesa for Christmas 2016. I found this plaid green and red fabric at the thrift store about a year ago.  I saw it and knew I needed it and exactly what I wanted to do with it!  It was just perfect for a Christmas dress--the right colors and just the right amount of shine!
I made Elisa a knee-length dress.  Even though I didn't have the pattern (yet) I modeled it after Violette Field Thread's Pepper dress pattern, using the same free bodice pattern I had for a couple of other projects.  I just WISH there would have been more fabric so the dress could have a fuller skirt!  I think there was only about a yard or fabric.  That's the trouble with buying fabric from the thrift store.  Still, it turned out adorable!  She wore it with some white knee-highs and black ankle boots, so more of a casual look.  So cute.  I paid not much more than $1 for this, not bad!! I don't have a picture of her wearing it, but here are a couple of pictures.

The Peppermind Swirl Dress--Christmas Dress #1

 I've had my eye on the Candy Castle's Peppermint Swirl Dress for a loooong time.  It finally went on sale and I snatched it up! I realize it's been almost a year ago that I made this dress, but better late than never!
Oh, how I love the flounces on the skirt.  I'm not a huge fan of the bodice though.  But the twirl-fullness of the skirt! Ahhhh! This skirt pattern has my heart! It took a lot of fabric, and there was a LOT of sewing and serging (not much pinning, thankfully), but it was so worth it.  I used broadcloth for the stripes. I know some people complain about broadcloth, but I loved using it for this pattern.  Broadcloth is light (so it didn't weigh the flounces down), it doesn't wrinkle much, and it comes in a nice variety of colors. I plan on making girlie a rainbow dress (using a bodice pattern from VFT though).  I've got a couple pieces cut out but I haven't really started yet. Here is her dress for Christmas '16.  It was a big hit!

Hmm...yep I messed up the back of the bodice somehow. And I don't like how teeny tiny the flutter sleeves are. 

Floral Knit Dress

Another adorable dress That I made back in April.  I purchased this knit floral fabric at Hobby Lobby.  I bought a yard's worth and I was just barely able to squeeze out this dress.  I wish it were just a couple inches longer, but she wears it with capri pants so it is more of a tunic.
I don't work with knits all that often, so I am pleased with how this dress turned out. It was my first time using stay tape (i.e. clear elastic).  It added a few minutes to the project, but I like that I don't have to worry about the dress stretching out of shape, and I think it made the dress easier (as in the knit was more stable) to work with. 
I did make and oopsies--but it turned out to be an oopsies for the better!  I meant to do the burrito roll method to encase the seams of the bodice, but instead I did it the regular way, and it was then when I went to turn the bodice right side out that I realized my mistake--I pretty much sewed the bodice closed so that I couldn't turn it ride side out! So I had to make a slit right down the middle of the back.  I then proceeded to make a corset closure instead! It took a little extra time but it sure makes the back of the dress adorable!  I used lace from Walmart for the trim and the corset tie. 
Girlie prefers knit fabric over woven, so she never complains when she puts this dress on. And how could she? This dress is so sweet and pretty, just like her! 

Jean and Lace Dress

 Here is a dress I made in April '17.  It is one of my favorites! I didn't own an exact pattern for this dress, so I had to combine a couple: Piper from VFT and a boy's oxford shirt pattern (from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop).  The lace, lace trim, and jean material were all thrifted.  I used white broadcloth to line the skirt, so this dress was really cheap to make! However, I had to go out and buy a brown belt for this dress.  She wears this dress with cowboy boots.  She gets a lot of compliments whenever she wears it, and she wears it frequently.  I will be sad when she outgrows this dress! I love it on her!