Monday, January 13, 2014

Minnie and Mickey Personilzed shirts

I had a lot of fun making these shirts and I think they turned out really well.  I made them using freezer paper and fabric paint.  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube showing how to to freezer paper transfers, and they are really easy to do. Easy, but it can get a bit tedious cutting out all those small shapes.  I'm sure this is a copy-right infringement, but since I'm not selling these, I'm not worried.  All I did was google "minnie mouse" or "mickey mouse" and I found these images.  I adjusted them to the size I wanted and printed them out.  Then I taped them to some freezer paper and got slicing with an x-acto knife.  For the lettering, there are plenty of free Disney fonts you can find online.  Like I said, these are pretty easy and they turn out professional looking!  The best thing though is that they are cheap to make.  I found Gabe's shirt for $2.50 at Target and Elisa's cost $4 at Walmart. The paint and freezer paper are cheap too, and since I already had them in my craft stash, it was probably pennies worth that I used.

 Okay, not so cheap when you mess up.  Well, I didn't really "mess up" on this, I just had a wet paint sponge brush and didn't realize it until I pulled back the freezer paper :(  Never use a wet sponge brush :(
Here are the outfits in action.  I also made the black and white polka dot ruffle pants for Eesa.  I found the fabric at Goodwill years ago for a couple bucks, and I still have a couple yards left over.

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  1. What a clever idea for these darling shirts! I love the idea of their names, too! The polkadot pants go well with the shirt!!