Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fall Peasant Dress + Ava Felt Flower Headband.

Well, this dress had virtually no interest in my Etsy shop nor the Boutique, go figure since I think it is pretty dang cute.  I didn't use any of my own fabric for this dress and it was fairly quick and easy to make (just your basic peasant top with ruffles and a sash) so I didn't loose out too much, at least I got some cute pictures of Elisa! 
The headband I made from felt using the Violette Field Threads Ava Felt Flower pattern.  I got it in the free stash of patterns I won.  I love love this head band, but I'm thinking Elisa needs more browns and tans in her closet because this headband hardly ever gets worn.  I have to say, this felt flower is pretty involved and time consuming considering it is just a felt flower.  It even requires sewing!  Well, maybe not requires...the glue gun can replace the sewing...I've already tried it with another one of these flowers and it turned out just fine!  My fingers begged to differ, but skin heals--time on the other hand, is something you can never get back, haha. I also like that it is very cheap to make. 

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  1. I think she looks really cute in this peasant dress!