Monday, January 13, 2014

"Autumn Jewel" Outfit

 So back in August I agreed to make clothes for a local consignment/boutique.  But I'm in a seriously in an awkward position here.  I made a bunch of outfits for this boutique and last time I was in there I only saw 2 of my 7 outfits wonder I only got one order, grrrr.  Communication isn't the best (I'm never sure what she wants me to make or when she wants new outfits in) and the most awkward thing of all is that the owner gave me the fabric from her own stash to make these clothes.  At first I was like, awesome, I don't have to spend anymore money then I already am! But now I'm biting my lip in confusion. So do I take the outfits back? Return the leftover fabirc? Or pay her for the leftover fabric which I am now keeping in my stash?  *Shrug*. I guess I'll let her keep the clothes and hopefully she can sell it.
I would like this outfit back, haha it is super cute on my Eesa.  I listed this on Etsy and sold a couple, so I'm surprised it hasn't sold in the boutique.  I love the rich colors of this outfit.  I think it would be appropriate for spring as well.  Her is beautiful Elisa modeling the outfit:

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  1. This outfit is for the hippie lovers of the 60's with a paisley look! Did the shop owner pay you for your sewing time? I would ask her directly how to settle fairly, by getting the outfits back or being paid for sewing them!