Monday, January 27, 2014

Halloween Kitty Pillowcase Shirt

 September 2013 was probably my least productive sewing months of the whole year.  My house was noticeably cleaner!  Along with the Tinker Bell and Peter Pan costumes and a couple of orders, this is all I sewed! 
I really liked this little shirt and so did Elisa.  It is a simple pillowcase top with a sewn-in felt kitty.  I used leftover material from another project.  I ended up selling this on my FB page (since Elisa had another Halloween outfit) so it was certainly worth while to make!

Knit Gray and Lace Top

So this shirt is a good example of why I steer clear of knits.  Not only do I not have a cover stitch machine, but I also don't have enough know-how to work with the natural drape and stretchy-ness of knits so my knit projects always seem to end up wonky and seam-y (I know, I made up that word, but the seam always seem to spread apart when pulled). Not that this shirt was a total failure--it actually didn't look too bad on my Eesa--but there are plenty of things that aren't right about it.  And it didn't help that I didn't use a pattern.  And I gathered the ruffles too much.  And I also put a rolled hem on the lace after I sewed the seams, which didn't work out too well.  But, I do like the rose in the middle at least! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tinkerbell Costume + Peter Pan Costume

 The kids have been obsessed with Peter Pan this past summer, so it was only fitting that they would be Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween.  Elisa's costume was made from a costume satin remnant I got at Joann's a few years ago.  I would have liked the skirt to be slightly longer but I didn't have enough material.  No matter, Tink's dress is super short anyway.  I used the same pattern as the ballerina outfit I made here, altered just slightly.  I love the look of the lace-up back, but its not really a good "play" costume because she can't get it on by herself.  Anyway, she looks darling in her Tinkerbell outfit! 


Here is a picture of the costumes in action!  The Peter Pan outfit was super quick and easy.  It literally took me about a half hour to make the shirt and the hat.  I would have finished his costume in 20 minutes had I not made the first hat too small! Whoops. The shirt is made using a super-soft flannel fabric.  I didn't use any pattern, just one of Gabe's shirts as a general guideline for me to follow.  I made the shirt dolmen style so there weren't any sleeves to bother with.  For the hat I followed a tutorial I found somewhere online (sorry, I can't remember where!).   Aren't these two the cutest?! 

Halloween High-Waisted Skirt

 Last post from August, I promise!  That puts me at only 5 months behind, haha!  This skirt is probably one of the easiest sewing projects to make, with the exception of a pillowcase.  It's just a simple rectangle with an elastic casing.  No pattern is even need!  I added a bow sash (with belt loops) and a candy corn felt applique. I love it.  I would like to make Elisa more of these high-waisted skirts but we're having a hard time keeping up with the skirts she already owns.  I think I sew too much!

Peasant Top with Ruffled Bib

Cute, simple, and quick---I love these sorts of projects.  Not too much to say on this shirt other than it was a fairly cheap shirt ($5, I think?).  I used a basic peasant top pattern (found here) and figured out the sleeves and the ruffled bib on my own.  I like the way it turned out!  I wanted to add it to my shop, but I didn't since I didn't have the exact pattern.  I don't want to sell a shirt that isn't a perfect fit!  Here is my cutie in her new shirt, made back in August:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chevron Bow Dress

I made this dress using the Evangeline Dress pattern from ButterflyKissesCo. on Etsy.  I really like the uniqueness of this pattern.  This dress was somewhat time consuming since it is fully lined, but not too bad.
 I've actually made two of these.  This one is the one I made for the boutique, the other one is basically the same except the bow and zipper are turquoise instead of a navy blue.  I also hand stitched the other bow on and for this one I machine stitched it on.  I like the way the machine stitching turned out, I think it makes the bow sturdier and takes less time.  Plus I hate hand stitching---I'll do practically anything to avoid it!  This is yet another outfit I sent off to the boutique.  At least this one is displayed, but no takers yet :(.  Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with people!  I think this dress is fun and adorable!

Double Layer Twirly Skirt

 I'm not sure why I haven't made more of these skirts for Elisa.  They are quick, easy, and super cute!  I used the skirt pattern from the ballerina outfit from Tenderfeet stitches.  I used a condensed stitch on the serger for the hemming, and I just love the look of it.  It was super fast and easy too! This is another one of the item I made for the boutique, not sure why it hasn't been displayed because it's super cute!  I want it wasn't my fabric though so I'll just let it be :( 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cloth Lalaloopsy Dolls

I'm taking a break from all those outfits I made way back in August to post my present to Eesa this last Christmas. 
Elisa loves Lalaloopsies, so I thought a Lalaloopsy dolly would be the perfect gift this Christmas.  I wasn't interested in buying the $30 doll that's heavy and hard, so when I found a Lalaloopsy doll pattern on Etsy here for 5 bucks, I was elated that I could give Eesa a dolly and save money too! Well, I'm not 100% sure I'd do it again, considering we found a dolly for $13 on Amazon's black Friday sale.  But mostly the fact that these dollies take such a long long time to make really makes me never want to make them ever again.  But the most annoying part is that the mouth turned out wrinkly on both dolls!  Elisa doesn't seem to mind, but it really bothers me. Oh and I had to make the clothes myself with no pattern.  Oh, and never, ever ever make the yarn hair using regular yarn, unless you want to waste your entire day, have sore muscles, and drive yourself insane!  But I do like that these dolls are soft and lightweight.  And Elisa likes them so its all good.


Halloween Outfit

 This is my Halloween outfit for Elisa! I actually sold two of these via the Boutique, but nothing on Etsy.  But the best thing of all is that I got to take it back (I paid for the fabric so I didn't feel bad at all) and Elisa was able to wear it to Disney World (we were there for Halloween).  It's cute and simple, and I'm happy that the pants will get worn this summer.  I love the bat decal too.   

Fall Peasant Dress + Ava Felt Flower Headband.

Well, this dress had virtually no interest in my Etsy shop nor the Boutique, go figure since I think it is pretty dang cute.  I didn't use any of my own fabric for this dress and it was fairly quick and easy to make (just your basic peasant top with ruffles and a sash) so I didn't loose out too much, at least I got some cute pictures of Elisa! 
The headband I made from felt using the Violette Field Threads Ava Felt Flower pattern.  I got it in the free stash of patterns I won.  I love love this head band, but I'm thinking Elisa needs more browns and tans in her closet because this headband hardly ever gets worn.  I have to say, this felt flower is pretty involved and time consuming considering it is just a felt flower.  It even requires sewing!  Well, maybe not requires...the glue gun can replace the sewing...I've already tried it with another one of these flowers and it turned out just fine!  My fingers begged to differ, but skin heals--time on the other hand, is something you can never get back, haha. I also like that it is very cheap to make. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Autumn Jewel" Outfit

 So back in August I agreed to make clothes for a local consignment/boutique.  But I'm in a seriously in an awkward position here.  I made a bunch of outfits for this boutique and last time I was in there I only saw 2 of my 7 outfits wonder I only got one order, grrrr.  Communication isn't the best (I'm never sure what she wants me to make or when she wants new outfits in) and the most awkward thing of all is that the owner gave me the fabric from her own stash to make these clothes.  At first I was like, awesome, I don't have to spend anymore money then I already am! But now I'm biting my lip in confusion. So do I take the outfits back? Return the leftover fabirc? Or pay her for the leftover fabric which I am now keeping in my stash?  *Shrug*. I guess I'll let her keep the clothes and hopefully she can sell it.
I would like this outfit back, haha it is super cute on my Eesa.  I listed this on Etsy and sold a couple, so I'm surprised it hasn't sold in the boutique.  I love the rich colors of this outfit.  I think it would be appropriate for spring as well.  Her is beautiful Elisa modeling the outfit:

The Cosette Maxi Dress

 This dress was made from the fabulous Cosette maxi dress pattern by Violette Field Threads, back in August or so.  And yes, I did pay for the pattern, $8 or so.  It was a dress I had been wanting to make ever since it came out earlier in last year.  I bought the fabric from Joanns.  It is one of the prettiest fabric's I've ever come across (in case you can't see, there are birds printed all over it).  I bought the rest of the bolt (1.5 yds at most) and got this dress and two other shirts out of it, which I will post about later.  I don't remember how much I paid for the fabric.  But I did custom order the headband from Etsy, so you are looking at one of Elisa's most expensive outfits!  Isn't she cute in her dress?  She's worn it to church several times.
This dress was a BEAST to make!  Not that I had any problems making it, its just that everything took so long!  The pleating on the front bodice, the ruffles on the straps, and of course, the bottom ruffles.  The pattern called for 4 ruffles, I ended up with 5 because 4 looked too spaced.  Okay, maybe I did have problems making this, I think I cut out the ruffles too narrow.  Or maybe I spaced them wrong...?  Anyway, I hope this dress fits Eesa for a long time, because I don't want to make it again anytime soon!  No wonder no one sells this on would go for at least $80 I'm sure!

 "I solemnly swear to wear only the cutest of clothes!"

Just gorgeous! 
I love the back of this dress! So beautiful!

Ballerina Outfit

  This little outfit is my favorite!  I know I say that about a lot of outfits I make, but this one definitely makes my top five.  I found this pattern at Hobby Lobby for 99 cents, but it is also on Etsy from Tenderfeet Stitches.  It is a faux tie-up bodice with a double (or triple layer) skirt.  The pattern was missing the ruffle pieces, whoops.  Oh well, I figured it out. I used Ballerina handkerchiefs I found from Hobby Lobby.  I thought this would be a cheap project since the handkerchiefs were only $1, but turned out I needed like I bought a yard of purple broadcloth and a that was another $6, you do the math.   Not too expensive I guess, but it sure took a lot of time...all those loops and ruffles!  I really like the sleeves, very unique.  I like that they are not sleeves in the traditional sense (those always seem to double the time on a project anyway) but they still cover her shoulders. Here are the pics of my darling in her darling ballerina outfit: