Sunday, December 18, 2011

Elisa's Christmas Dress

Doesn't she look beautiful in her new Christmas dress??  It was made with lots of love from her mommy :)
I picked green and gold because it's Christmas-y without the traditional red and green, which means she can wear it all year round. I used a pattern to make this dress (one I got for 99 cents).  It was okay to make, the fabric is not the easiest to work with.  It has several grievous errors.  Which solidifies my reasoning for NOT opening an Etsy store of my own.  Sure I can get things to look cute, but I just can't get the professional, clean, perfect look. I would not want somebody to pay good money for something that is all messed up and sloppy.  Despite the mess-ups, I think the dress looks pretty darn cute. I'm not sold on the hair bow least not the band.  It sorta looks like a dead worm hangin out on her head.   
I spent somewhere around $10-15.  Not too bad for a beautiful Christmas dress! Dresses like this retail at $50, easily.  And you don't get a hair bow to go with!

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