Saturday, April 1, 2017

Starry Night Dress

I made this back in December '16.  I just love the print! I thought it would make a pretty dress for Elisa.  I accidentally and stupidly cut one of the sleeves upside down! Ahhh!  I really, really wanted the 3/4 length sleeves (because you know winter).  So I went back to the Joann's where I bought the wasn't there, out of stock.  So I went to another Joann's, and success! They had it in stock, yay! So much work for one silly sleeve.  But I could not have an upside-down sleeve!
Anyway, Elisa wore this dress once and then refused to were it again.  I had even made a matching dress for her dolly!  So, I sold the dress and the dolly dress. No loss I guess, but it is really irritating to me when she refuses to wear things simply because I made them. Sometimes she claims that they're "too scratchy" despite being fully lined.  I think she doesn't like woven fabric; she'd prefer the stretchy knits instead, but unfortunately I'm not that experienced in working with knits, but I've done a few so hopefully this girly and I can reach a happy medium/compromise sometime. 5-year-olds can be really finicky!

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  1. This dress turned out really cute. It's nice that artistic fabric is available.