Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ruffle Sleeved "Clara" Shirt

 I finally conceded that it was time to buy the Clara pattern from VFT.  I initally thought that it was too babyish and a little night-gownish.  But oh my goodness, am I ever glad I bought the pattern (on sale for 5 bucks)! The cuteness far outweighs any babyishness it may have. And as for the night-gown look, I have made a few nightgowns from the pattern, using the original (curved bodice) pattern style.  For everything else I use the straight bodice option.
This is the first shirt I made using the pattern.  I used thrifted fabric, so I this shirt was mostly free.  It was good that I did, because it seems this particular pattern runs small. She wears a 5 in all of the other patterns from VFT but a 5 in the Clara pattern is just too darn small for her.  And she is skinny! Hmm.  So now I use a size 6 pattern and it fits her fine.
This pattern is fairly easy, although the "sleeves" (I'm not sure what they are actually called-but they are simply gathered strips) take some time.  But they're worth it because they definitely make the dress/shirt!  I made this a couple of months ago (Jan '17). Girly refused to wear this shirt for the longest time, but she finally agreed to wear it the other day! It will most likely be her last time because it is so small on her.  I can barely get it buttoned!


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  2. It would be a cute long nightgown or short summer one if it's loose and comfy. I like the small print.