Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Princess Shirt

I found this princess fabric at Joann's.  It is ADORABLE.  Unfortunately, the shirt I chose to make out of it didn't do the fabric justice.  I think it is just too baby-ish for an almost-6-year-old.  Maybe its the eyelet lace I chose to trim it with, or maybe its the fact that it is a shirt and not a dress, even though it looks like a dress.  Like, it looks like a really, really short dress on Eesa--she looks like she's wearing a dress for a one-year-old even thought the bodice fits.  Yeesh.  Eesa likes it, but I don't. I'll see if my niece wants it.  Otherwise, to Goodwill it will go!

1 comment:

  1. It's a cute princess fabric. If she likes it she may as well get some use out of it. She could wear it for play or around the house. I kind of like the eyelet lace accents.