Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cousin Photo Shoot

 While my sister was staying with us back in August '16, we thought it would be cute to get the girl's portraits taken together!  I made them some matching Ginger Dresses for the occasion.  Elisa's dress sewed up fairly quick and easy, but it took longer of Aaliayah's dress to get finished because I had to run back to Walmart several times for the trim! Initially, I did not get enough trim for either of the girl's dresses, but luckily I had enough matching pink for Elisa's dress.  I used some fabric I *thought* matched the main fabric for Aaliyah's dress and wen ahead and sewed the collar in. I realized after stepping back to look at it, that it did not match at all! Duh!!  So I went back to Walmart, and bought some trim fabric that I could have sworn matched, but it didn't!  Arrrgh!  Third time was the charm though, and I finally found the right matching fabric!  However, since I had to unpick the collar and had trimmed and clipped the fabric, the new collar was a pain to put in and doesn't look perfectly perfect, but you can't tell in the photos at all so I guess it all turned out okay after all!  Here are the pictures: 

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  1. The dresses are so cute and old-fashioned looking. The girls remind me of "Anne of Green Gables" (Anne Shirley is Elisa and her friend Diana is Alliyah.)