Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Elsa Hand painted Shirt + Sparkle Shorts

 I'm Posting backwards here.  This past year or so I've been OBSESSED with making freezer paper transfer shirts for the kids. I did make a post a few months featuring the Disney shirt freezer paper transfer (FPT), but I've done a whole lot since then and hopefully I can get to them all.

This was probably the most intricate and time-consuming shirt I've ever done.  I could have probably sewn her a a fancy dress in less than the amount of time it took to do this.  For one thing, I unpicked the sleeves of a plain white t-shirt from wall-mart and added some sparkly glitter sleeves.  Then there was the cutting out of Elsa, which is an extremely tedious process since it was such a detailed picture.  Then there was assembling the cut out pieces on the shirt.  This part of the process is sort of like putting together a puzzle that for some reason  never seems to come together exactly how it should be, but its mostly unnoticeable looking at it now.  Next there's painting in the outline with fabric paint, and then with sparkly black nail polish (yes nail polish--its my secret weapon to getting super duper sparkles!).  This part is typically pretty easy but there's a lot of waiting involved since I have to wait for both layers to dry before pulling off the freezer paper. Pulling off the freezer paper is the best part! Unless I screw it up but that's only happened once with her minnie mouse shirt in which the brush was wet and black paint seeped under on a large portion of the shirt. And then, after all that, the actual painting part! It takes a long time, but its kinda relaxing.  I just didn't like having to tediously take a toothpick to spread the paint just to the black outline so it wouldn't go over the lines, which despite my best efforts, always seemed to.  But I just re-applied more black over the lines that were accidentally colored on.  Then I added some green and blue sparkle nail polish to her shirt since I didn't want to mix more paint to get that greenish-blue and it turned out sparkly and wonderful! Elisa really likes her shirt and I love that its trendy but unique.  I made the little pants over a year ago and they were the easiest thing about this outfit!
Here are the pictures, I wish I would have gotten a better close-up:

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  1. Only an artist could pull this one off ! She's darling in her beautiful Elsa outfit !