Saturday, October 4, 2014

4th of July Dress (and a random shirt)

 Its been awhile since I've posted! I haven't been sewing as much so thankfully there's not too much to catch up on.
Here is her 4th of July dress!  This was the first time I've combined sewing with freezer paper transfer (I usually just to one or the other) and I think it turned out really cute and unique!  My original plans were to make some sort of top with ruffle pants to match.  Well I finished the top but it was too gathered to look like a top--it just looked silly, like a dress that was too short (not my fault--the pattern I followed wasn't that great).  So I went out to buy more blue fabric and attached a skirt to the top.  My new sewing machine has a star stitch so it was fun to use it function for this dress. Plus Elisa sat on my lap and watched while the machine made the stars and she still talks about it today!
We were up in Bear Lake, Idaho for the 4th so she just got to wear this for relatives, but luckily she will be able to wear it next year too!  Isn't she darling?!

I bought some red chevron fabric in the remnants bin and had intended to use it for pants to match her 4th of July shirt, but I just made a simple peasant top out of it instead.  I tried to sell it on my FB shop but nobody bought it.  No loss for us anyway, she wears it fairly often, usually with pants though!

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  1. She's gorgeous in her patriotic dress. I love the words, stars, ruffles, and trim. It looks very original, and rather complicated to make. It reminds me of the patriotic banners that are hung on porch railings. I love the chevron top, too? It looks like she's feeding her baby doll chocolate pudding, but is getting most of it on her chin! Very cute!!