Friday, June 13, 2014

Shirt and Pleated Pants Set

Here is an outfit set that I just love!  I made it back in February, and I was afraid it wouldn't get much wear since it gets hot here so soon, but actually she's worn it quite a bit.  I love that its stylish, comfortable, and super cute!  The shirt only needed a yard of fabric ($5 Hobby Lobby fabric) and for the pants I used gray corduroy that was on clearance, I think I paid like $3 for it.  Initially I was worried about gray in this style of pants making her look like an elephant, but I think it look darling paired with the shirt  I used Violette Field Threads' Whitney Pants pattern and Josephine shirt pattern--I just love their patterns! I've made this shirt pattern several times before but it always remains a very involved shirt (as far as shirts go), thanks to pin tucks and lots of button holes.

Here is the cute modeling her new outfit: 

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  1. Flared pants almost look like a maxi skirt. Hope she didn't trip in it like I did when I wore bell bottoms. The shirt is really cute and seems like it would take awhile to make, but you did great!