Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pink "Barbie" Jacket

 Here's a really cute jacket with some really bad pictures.  Its gotta be one of my favorite things I've made Elisa.  I'm sad that it won't fit her next winter season.  I got the fabric so ridiculously cheap; I don't know if I'll ever be able to make another jacket this cheap again!  The outside is a plastic suede that I found as a remnant at Joannes for a couple bucks. The lining (which is darling but you can't see it in these pictures) is flannel in rainbow stars print. I think I paid about a dollar for it at Joannes at their black Friday sale.
Anyway, I used Violette Field Thread's Molly Jacket pattern as a guide for this jacket.  I originally left the collar off; but then I looked at it and decided it needed a collar after all.  Collars are definitely not meant to be add-ons.  Oh well, the awkward laying and slight pulling of the collar isn't too noticeable, thankfully.  I also added a belt which I think just makes the jacket!  I happened to have a round metal thingy (I think I bought them for a purse that I made several years ago) and it worked out just perfect for this project.  Elisa really liked this jacket and she got a lot of compliments while wearing it out!

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  1. Nice and shiny looking, but it looks like it would be hard to sew with that fabric. Maybe it will still fit in the fall.