Friday, June 13, 2014

Eesa's Easter Dress

 This dress was an experiment that turned out ok.  It was my first time ever working with nylon chiffon--which can be a little tricky, but oh so pretty!  Also it was my first time ever working with fishing wire--yes, thats right--fishing wire.  Fishing wire is used as a hemming technique for super flouncy, curly, and fluffy pageant wear, I think they're called "cupcake" dresses.  My intention was not to make her a pageant dress, but just something on the simpler side with a lot of girly fluff.  I was sucessful with the simple look, not so sure about the fluffiness.  It didn't turn out as full and curly as I was hoping.  Not sure if I needed more layers of chiffon (not that I had any extra anyway) or the coils weren't tight enough.   I'm guessing its the former.  And possibly the fact that most pageant dresses are made using organza and not chiffon fabric.  Also I used two layers of chiffon per one strand of fishing wire, maybe I should have just did one to one, but the wire just seemed too think and I was afraid it would show through if I just used one...maybe a smaller weight fishing wire?  I used the 80 lbs one.  Well, enough of my rambling.  Its done and it turned out cute.  I guess its good that its not too over-the-top anyway.  It paired perfectly with the $1 Target Easter hat she has, and some little white gloves.  I think the whole ensemble was just perfect for Easter, despite the dress not turning out as I had intended!


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  1. She is gorgeous in her Easter outfit, and I do love the hem!! I never knew about using fishing wire. It turned out very lovely!