Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yellow Lacey Monogrammed dress.

 I made this dress almost a year ago, and its still one of our favs.  I'm glad I mad it slightly big.  I got the idea here.  I made this dress using a simple bodice pattern I had on hand.  The rest was done pretty much on my own (not that there was much to it). 
The best thing about this dress is that it was really cheap to make.  I paid $1 for a yard of the yellow fabric (which ended up being exactly enough!) and $1 for the spool of lace at Joannes. I figured I since I paid so little to make the dress, I could "splurge" a little and get her monogram on the front )it needed a little something anyway).  I found some lady to do it for me for $5.  I could really use an embroidery machine!
I love the way this dress turned out.  Elisa wears it fairly often, relatively speaking. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black, Gray, and Yellow Outfit

This is not my first ruffle pants and bib shirt outfit, nor is it my last.  I love making these sets because they come together so easily and they turn out so cute!  I made this set for Elisa for Christmas.  I've had the fabric since May of last year--I'm glad it got put to good use! 
The first day Elisa wore this, the pants kept falling down.  Despite me following the pattern's measurements, bottom-heavy pants and Elisa's skinny waist make for a lot of crackage, if ya know what I mean.  I had to go back in the waist seam and take in a lot of elastic.  The waist looks like it could fit a newborn, but at least it hold up her pants!  She gets a lot of compliments when she wears this outfit.