Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Initial Shirt and Matching leggings

One last post before the year is over!  I still have plenty of of things to post, but the problem is that I haven't taken very many pictures to post!  And the pictures I do have are crappy iPod pictures.  Here is one outfit I made for Elisa a couple months ago.  It was among the easiest a cheapest outfits I've made for her.  And she loves it because it has "her E" on it. I found this fabric on clearance at walmart for less than $2/yard.  And I didn't even need that much fabric.  The shirt I bought at walmart too, for about $4.  So, about $6 for a complete outfit.  I even made her a hair scrunchie to match, and I still have fabric left over.  The floral print is still in style and I love that its really soft and stretchy (you can't tell from the picture though).
Leggings are really easy to make; I used the Violette Field Threads pattern.  The E was super easy too--I printed out an E on the computer.  I ironed some fabric to some heat 'n bond (best stuff ever, I don't know why I haven't been using it previously) and then pinned the E on to the fabric/paper.  I cut it out using an x-acto knife.  Then I just pinned it on to the shirt (using some very stiff interfacing for the back so the fabric didn't stretch out of place) and used an embroidery stitch function on my machine (not sure what its called--it looks kinda like triangles with a straight stitch on one side) to sew it on to the shirt.  So super easy.
 I don't think I have a picture of her wearing this, even though she has several times.  You'll have to take my word for it though, she looks adorable, as usual!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Elsa Hand painted Shirt + Sparkle Shorts

 I'm Posting backwards here.  This past year or so I've been OBSESSED with making freezer paper transfer shirts for the kids. I did make a post a few months featuring the Disney shirt freezer paper transfer (FPT), but I've done a whole lot since then and hopefully I can get to them all.

This was probably the most intricate and time-consuming shirt I've ever done.  I could have probably sewn her a a fancy dress in less than the amount of time it took to do this.  For one thing, I unpicked the sleeves of a plain white t-shirt from wall-mart and added some sparkly glitter sleeves.  Then there was the cutting out of Elsa, which is an extremely tedious process since it was such a detailed picture.  Then there was assembling the cut out pieces on the shirt.  This part of the process is sort of like putting together a puzzle that for some reason  never seems to come together exactly how it should be, but its mostly unnoticeable looking at it now.  Next there's painting in the outline with fabric paint, and then with sparkly black nail polish (yes nail polish--its my secret weapon to getting super duper sparkles!).  This part is typically pretty easy but there's a lot of waiting involved since I have to wait for both layers to dry before pulling off the freezer paper. Pulling off the freezer paper is the best part! Unless I screw it up but that's only happened once with her minnie mouse shirt in which the brush was wet and black paint seeped under on a large portion of the shirt. And then, after all that, the actual painting part! It takes a long time, but its kinda relaxing.  I just didn't like having to tediously take a toothpick to spread the paint just to the black outline so it wouldn't go over the lines, which despite my best efforts, always seemed to.  But I just re-applied more black over the lines that were accidentally colored on.  Then I added some green and blue sparkle nail polish to her shirt since I didn't want to mix more paint to get that greenish-blue and it turned out sparkly and wonderful! Elisa really likes her shirt and I love that its trendy but unique.  I made the little pants over a year ago and they were the easiest thing about this outfit!
Here are the pictures, I wish I would have gotten a better close-up:

Floral Emmaline Dress

Not much to say on this other than this little girlie is not staying so little!  Her previous Emmaline dress got too small for her, so I made her a new one this past spring.  I've lost count of how many times I've made this dress (mostly for others).  It was super popular last year but its still just as cute this year:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

4th of July Dress (and a random shirt)

 Its been awhile since I've posted! I haven't been sewing as much so thankfully there's not too much to catch up on.
Here is her 4th of July dress!  This was the first time I've combined sewing with freezer paper transfer (I usually just to one or the other) and I think it turned out really cute and unique!  My original plans were to make some sort of top with ruffle pants to match.  Well I finished the top but it was too gathered to look like a top--it just looked silly, like a dress that was too short (not my fault--the pattern I followed wasn't that great).  So I went out to buy more blue fabric and attached a skirt to the top.  My new sewing machine has a star stitch so it was fun to use it function for this dress. Plus Elisa sat on my lap and watched while the machine made the stars and she still talks about it today!
We were up in Bear Lake, Idaho for the 4th so she just got to wear this for relatives, but luckily she will be able to wear it next year too!  Isn't she darling?!

I bought some red chevron fabric in the remnants bin and had intended to use it for pants to match her 4th of July shirt, but I just made a simple peasant top out of it instead.  I tried to sell it on my FB shop but nobody bought it.  No loss for us anyway, she wears it fairly often, usually with pants though!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Eesa's Easter Dress

 This dress was an experiment that turned out ok.  It was my first time ever working with nylon chiffon--which can be a little tricky, but oh so pretty!  Also it was my first time ever working with fishing wire--yes, thats right--fishing wire.  Fishing wire is used as a hemming technique for super flouncy, curly, and fluffy pageant wear, I think they're called "cupcake" dresses.  My intention was not to make her a pageant dress, but just something on the simpler side with a lot of girly fluff.  I was sucessful with the simple look, not so sure about the fluffiness.  It didn't turn out as full and curly as I was hoping.  Not sure if I needed more layers of chiffon (not that I had any extra anyway) or the coils weren't tight enough.   I'm guessing its the former.  And possibly the fact that most pageant dresses are made using organza and not chiffon fabric.  Also I used two layers of chiffon per one strand of fishing wire, maybe I should have just did one to one, but the wire just seemed too think and I was afraid it would show through if I just used one...maybe a smaller weight fishing wire?  I used the 80 lbs one.  Well, enough of my rambling.  Its done and it turned out cute.  I guess its good that its not too over-the-top anyway.  It paired perfectly with the $1 Target Easter hat she has, and some little white gloves.  I think the whole ensemble was just perfect for Easter, despite the dress not turning out as I had intended!


Fun and Funky Ruffle Bib Shirt

 Here's a cute shirt I randomly made using mostly scraps.  The colorful floral print caught my eye at Hobby Lobby, so I bought some, but only a 1/2 yard.  Oh well, it was enough for this shirt.  The rest I just used scrap material.  I used a combination of 3 different patterns to make this shirt, and I really like the way it turned out.  But I don't like the way the ruffles wrinkle up when it gets washed.  Ugh, I try hard to stay away from crappy fabric, but sometimes its hard to resist! Oh well, with some ironing, its as good as new!  I think I paid may $4 for this shirt, I'm rounding up of course: 

Shirt and Pleated Pants Set

Here is an outfit set that I just love!  I made it back in February, and I was afraid it wouldn't get much wear since it gets hot here so soon, but actually she's worn it quite a bit.  I love that its stylish, comfortable, and super cute!  The shirt only needed a yard of fabric ($5 Hobby Lobby fabric) and for the pants I used gray corduroy that was on clearance, I think I paid like $3 for it.  Initially I was worried about gray in this style of pants making her look like an elephant, but I think it look darling paired with the shirt  I used Violette Field Threads' Whitney Pants pattern and Josephine shirt pattern--I just love their patterns! I've made this shirt pattern several times before but it always remains a very involved shirt (as far as shirts go), thanks to pin tucks and lots of button holes.

Here is the cute modeling her new outfit: 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pink "Barbie" Jacket

 Here's a really cute jacket with some really bad pictures.  Its gotta be one of my favorite things I've made Elisa.  I'm sad that it won't fit her next winter season.  I got the fabric so ridiculously cheap; I don't know if I'll ever be able to make another jacket this cheap again!  The outside is a plastic suede that I found as a remnant at Joannes for a couple bucks. The lining (which is darling but you can't see it in these pictures) is flannel in rainbow stars print. I think I paid about a dollar for it at Joannes at their black Friday sale.
Anyway, I used Violette Field Thread's Molly Jacket pattern as a guide for this jacket.  I originally left the collar off; but then I looked at it and decided it needed a collar after all.  Collars are definitely not meant to be add-ons.  Oh well, the awkward laying and slight pulling of the collar isn't too noticeable, thankfully.  I also added a belt which I think just makes the jacket!  I happened to have a round metal thingy (I think I bought them for a purse that I made several years ago) and it worked out just perfect for this project.  Elisa really liked this jacket and she got a lot of compliments while wearing it out!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Floral Twirl Dress

 Here is a fun twirly dress I made Eesa a couple months ago.  This is my go-to pattern for dresses from Foo Foo Threads. I love the summery look and style.  I also love that it only takes one yard of fabric!  Isn't she darling in her dress? 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Yellow Lacey Monogrammed dress.

 I made this dress almost a year ago, and its still one of our favs.  I'm glad I mad it slightly big.  I got the idea here.  I made this dress using a simple bodice pattern I had on hand.  The rest was done pretty much on my own (not that there was much to it). 
The best thing about this dress is that it was really cheap to make.  I paid $1 for a yard of the yellow fabric (which ended up being exactly enough!) and $1 for the spool of lace at Joannes. I figured I since I paid so little to make the dress, I could "splurge" a little and get her monogram on the front )it needed a little something anyway).  I found some lady to do it for me for $5.  I could really use an embroidery machine!
I love the way this dress turned out.  Elisa wears it fairly often, relatively speaking. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black, Gray, and Yellow Outfit

This is not my first ruffle pants and bib shirt outfit, nor is it my last.  I love making these sets because they come together so easily and they turn out so cute!  I made this set for Elisa for Christmas.  I've had the fabric since May of last year--I'm glad it got put to good use! 
The first day Elisa wore this, the pants kept falling down.  Despite me following the pattern's measurements, bottom-heavy pants and Elisa's skinny waist make for a lot of crackage, if ya know what I mean.  I had to go back in the waist seam and take in a lot of elastic.  The waist looks like it could fit a newborn, but at least it hold up her pants!  She gets a lot of compliments when she wears this outfit. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jean Bolero + Lace skirt

 I made this pink lace skirt almost a year ago.  I used my ruffle foot attachment so it was a breeze to make.  I'm glad I made this skirt a little long; she doesn't wear her skirts nearly often enough as I would like.  Probably because she has just too many clothes! 
The Bolero was made using scraps from a pair of jeans I made awhile back.  I really like the pattern.  It is a good scrap-buster/cheap project since it doesn't require much fabric.  I love boleros since they are versatile and give the outfit a lift!