Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elisa's Pioneer Dress

 I bought this light maroon colored fabric at Joanns on super-duper clearance (like $1.50/yd) and I after working with it, I can see why it was on clearance.  Cheap, cheap fabric! Thin, wrinkly, and stiff.  Oh well.  A costume is about all it was good for.
When I went to cut this fabric, I didn't really have any plans; I just started making a dress and paired it with some lace and trim I thought looked good with it.  When I finished the dress, I thought it looked plain and old-fashioned, so I decided it definitely needed a little bonnet to complete the pioneer look!  I found a free, easy pattern here.  I have fun dressing her up in her little dress and bonnet, but alas, she is not quite ready for the dress up/imagination stage yet.  At the very least we have a back-up costume for Halloween!


1 comment:

  1. With the cute hat she looks like the cutest little pioneer girl, but without the hat and with the lace on, it looks modern, and she could even wear it to church!