Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Emmaline Maxi Dress

Well, this is THE dress of the summer!  This dress was all the rave back in February and March, but I think it has died down quite a bit since then. Nevermind though, it's still fabulous!  The attention Elisa gets while wearing this in public is almost too much, haha!  I've made several of these--a couple for Elisa, some sales, and a trade.  I have to say this dress is BEAUTIFUL, but not the quickest to sew up.  But I've done more tedious projects so its not too bad of a sewing project, respectively.
I love what everyone else loves about this dress:  the neckline, the ruffles, and the chevron print (Remember zebra and damask and how crazy popular they were? Well, now its the chevron print!)
This definitely isn't a play dress (and never was meant to be) but it seems very comfortable.  These dresses run at least $50 so I'm glad I can sew one up for my girly for much less than that!  And this was one of the patterns I won in the giveaway, so that makes it even cheaper!
 This dress takes a good chunk of time to make but it is sooo worth it! 
Behold, the glorious adorable-ness of the Emmaline Maxi Dress by Violette Field Threads:

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  1. She looks darling in this dress, and the pictures of her are so cute!