Friday, July 19, 2013

"Stella" One-Shouldered Dress

Making this dress was probably the strangest experience on a sewing project I've ever had!  Because at first, I didn't' like the all.  I just didn't like the look of it.  It was one of the patterns included in the giveaway loot I won from Violett Field Threads. 
But, being the fan of variety that I am, I decided to give it ago and add something new to Elisa's wardrobe (lots of halters but no one-shouldered anything!).  I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby (of course).  I picked out this fabric because I wanted a dress to match one of Elisa's bows.  Most of the time bows are made to match a dress- well, I make dresses to match bows! It was a fairly straight-forward pattern to follow, but I skipped a lot of unnecessary steps.  I tried it on Elisa and decided I still didn't like it, mostly due to the fact it was a bit big on her.
Well, a couple of moths went by with the dress sitting on a heap in her closet floor on top of all of her other clothes I need to sort/giveaway.  I don't remember why I brought it out again but I'm sure glad I did!  I think the fact that she grew a little helped a lot in it's appeal.  Now I love this dress on her, and she always gets compliments in it.  I don't know what I was thinking, not liking it! She actually wears this dress now quite a bit (comparatively speaking).  It's not church-appropriate but it sure is darling on her! I love the sash to; it was optional but I wouldn't make this dress without it!  Her is the cutie modeling her one-shouldered "Stella" dress!


  1. Little Marilyn Monroe at the Ramada in Kansas! I'm sure glad we were there that day! I love the print of brown and turquoise, the ruffle, sash, and headband. She is beautiful!

  2. You could always add a little turquoise strap on the other side. I've seen dresses like that!