Thursday, July 18, 2013

4th of July Dress(es)

 I know this sounds crazy (since I'm obsessed with sewing and all), but I originally wasn't planning on making a 4th of July dress.  I just don't like spending a lot of time and money on something Elisa wears just once.  And you'd think with the shop I would have jumped on the idea of making 4th of July dresses...but, no.  Maybe I'm just plain lazy!? 
I saw some blue chevron at Hobby Lobby and bought it on a whim, and paired it with red-and-white heart-patterned fabric.  I came up with this dress (made from a modified pattern).  I really liked the way it turned out--very traditional looking and cute!  I thought I would try selling it first and if it didn't sell, it was no loss to me; Elisa could wear it.  Well, it sold quickly and I admit I was happy that it sold, yet sad to see it go!

 I went back to H.L. and bought more of the same fabric, because I liked the first dress so much!  I didn't want a halter top this time (I've decided Elisa has WAY too many!) and I wanted a shorter dress.  The bodice turned out as planned (though I forgot to account for Elisa's tiny shoulders so the straps are a bit big) but the skirt...nope.  The skirt came about from my stupidity (which obviously turned out great in the end!).  I wanted the blue chevron just to be gathered like a normal skirt and have a red ruffle around the hem.  Well, I accidentally cut a huge diagonal with my rotary cutter through the red fabric! Oops! So I improvised and came up with this instead.  Really, it's a miracle it worked out so well! I will try not to do such stupid things in the future, but then again, it all worked out in the end.  Elisa was a big hit in her dress!  Those red boots are just irresistible!

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  1. She looks very patriotic and ended up with an original design in a stylish chevron dress. It could be worn all summer long with flags flying for all the summer holidays!

    I like this bodice better.