Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Boots are really in style now (or maybe it just because we live in Texas?) and I've been obsessed with buying and making Elisa cute boots!  I've made her 3 pairs of boots so far, and this is one of them.  They turned out super stinkin' cute but alas they tend to slouch down when she walks, I think it is a flaw in the design...?  I did make these a bit differently than the other two (I will post those too if I ever, ever get around to taking pics of them!)--I sewed the lining separately from the outside as to leave the inside seamless on her little toesies.  The other way (where I just sewed the outside and inside together) seems to work better with regards to keeping the structure of the boot...hmmm maybe I should sew the inside slightly so that it is slightly smaller than the outside so it doesn't get all squished when she puts her adorable feet into them...?
Anyway, they're cute, and as long as we're not going to the park or a long walk they'll do!  As for the pattern, I downloaded one free from somewhere on the internet but it printed out ridiculously small so I drew up my own using that one as a guide.  These are really quite cheap to make, around $4-5/pair.  I would love to make her more but seeing as her shoes are spilling out of their container I think we're all set on shoes for the winter!  


I couldn't resits putting cute little bows on the sides!

Romper with Skirt/Apron

This little romper is an experimental design of mine.  I think it is cute but it's not my favorite.  I'm thinking about adding more flowers on the "apron", maybe that will help it's appeal.  This was made using scrap material, so I didn't loose too much making this other than a zipper which was less than $2., but I think she'll wear it at least a few times this summer.