Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lovely Lacy Shirt

 I just loooooove this shirt on Elisa!  I used another shirt of Elisa's' that I liked as a pattern for this one.  I love the way this one turned classy and pretty.  The lace was fun to put on too.  She looks like a little doll in her shirt:    

 I used cotton broadcloth (I think I used a yard's worth) that was $3.  Since broadcloth is so thin, I double-layered this shirt with white cotton fabric that I got for free.  The lace I bought at goodwill for $1.50 but I only used a quarter's worth.  So, I paid less than $3 to make this shirt!   Of course, this isn't a realistic price if I were to buy everything new...I would guesstimate this shirt would probably cost about $6-8.  Still cheap!

1 comment:

  1. Her smiling face is so adorable, and the white capris add a finishing touch to the lacy shirt!