Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Knit Romper

 Knit romper...that is is a boring name for such a fun little outfit! I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby, it was a remnant so I got it for like $4 or so.  I'm not too experienced working with knits, but this fabric was not a problem at all to sew with.  I love that its super comfy but stylish.  Also it's girly but different. 

This was the pattern I used.  Got this for $3 at Walmart! I altered the pattern a bit to make it a romper instead of a dress.  I love the romper look, but the fabric around the crotch ended up being really weak because I didn't take care to strengthen it but oh well, it has held up okay so far.

My favorite thing about this outfit is the snaps on the back.  I added little sparkly gems to the snaps and it just makes the outfit!  Here is the princess in her knit romper.

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  1. I like the print of the fabric and didn't even know it was a knit. Cute baby at the wheel!