Monday, August 13, 2012

Elisa's Birthday Outfit

 Here is Elisa's birthday outfit.  I can't believe she's already a year!! (Now that I've gotten around to posting this, over a year!).  Her party theme was cupcakes with bright colors.  I really like a lot of ruffle and wanted it casual so I came up with this.  I was going to buy her a hair bow that matched her outfit because I SUCK and making hairbows, but I couldn't find on that I liked.  So I gave up my search and made her this one, and it actually turned out pretty cute!  Too bad it was flipping up in the pics! Flippin' hair bow.
You may be wondering why there are two different cupcakes-and I was pretty upset about this-the first cupcake flaked off so badly that I had to take it all off and put on a different one.  I guess the glue on the back of the rhinestones was defective (or I didn't iron it on properly?) but who knows.  It didn't help that the photographer kept tickling her belly to make her smile during her photo shoot. I found another iron-on applique at Hobby Lobby (I love that place!) and it has stayed on much better.  Not to mention it was lots cheaper ($3 as opposed to $8!).
Speaking (or typing, rather) of cheap, excluding the iron-ons, this outfit cost under $5 to make.  I had the poor lady behind the cutting counter cut strips of colorful fabric about 3" or 4 " wide, and they ended up costing 30-some-odd cents each by cutting them like that.  Not to mention pre-cut already, saves time! 
The hair bow was used with ribbon I had already, but I did purchase a couple of colors, including a cute little plastic-y cupcake button and a crochet head band, totaling to around $6.

All in all, her fabulous birthday outfit cost around $20 to make. Would have been cheaper if I didn't have to buy two iron-ons!! She gets lots of compliments when she wears this.  Yes, I still have her wear it; its too cute to wear on only on occasion!

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  1. Darling outfit and baby! She's a girl version of Erik in these pictures.