Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Skirt and Embelished Onsie Set

 I made this skirt awhile ago, one for Elisa and one for my niece as well.  My sister picked out the fabric, she did a good job don't you think? This skirt sat in Elisa's closet for a long time until I finally got around to making a shirt to go with it.  I unpicked the sleeves on a onesie and sewed on some sleeves using the same translucent fabric as the skirt.  I'll be honest, I like the onesie--I do--but I don't love it.  I'm speaking primarily about the sleeves here.  I wanted them more poufy and I wonder if I should have lined them with the blue satin fabric, but then again, I do like the see-through look.  Agh.  It's one of those things...too good to redo and not good enough to feel proud about.  At least the skirt is fabulous--it's one of may favs on her. The shirt didn't cost anything to make, and the skirt was pretty darn cheap, especially since I made two skirts from the fabric.  I can't remember exactly how much the fabric was since I purchased it a long time ago, but so far these skirts (I've made a couple others which I have not gotten around to posting yet) cost about $5, and that's being generous.    

Total Cost: $5 (entire outfit)

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