Thursday, May 24, 2012

Her Bow Rocks!

I can't get enough of these embellished onesies! I made Elisa this one a week or so ago, not that she needed another outfit.  I saw this iron-on applique and had to have it, it made me think of her.  In case you can't see it, it says "My Bow Rocks!".  I put the ribbon-butterfly sleeves and sewed ribbon on the butt for added cuteness.  I think that the ruffles on the butt make it a complete outfit; without them it would need pants or something.  Which makes for a nice summer outfit, perfect for AZ weather!  The only thing I was slightly disappointed with is that the color of the bow on the applique doesn't match too well with the bright pink ribbon.  I swear it matched on the packaging...misleading!  Oh well.  Her is my little darling modeling her new outfit.  She gets progressively more annoyed with every shot though!

I paid a couple bucks for the applique and a couple bucks for the ribbon (with LOTS left over), and nothing for the onesie since it was given to me. So no more than $5 for this cute outfit!


  1. Fun blog!

    How cool that you're moving to Galveston so soon! We'll have to have some beach parties! Welcome to Texas!