Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Dress

Here is Elisa's Easter dress! I actually made it a month or two ago.  I bought the fabric at Joannes and used the same pattern as he Christmas dress.  Which, speaking of, I am SO DONE with that pattern.  Too many pieces to sew together.  Yuck. But I think it turned out super cute.  I love the glittery swirl fabric, but I do not love that the glitter comes off easily.  Will NOT buy that fabric again.  I make sure to hand-wash it so the glitter doesn't all come off at once, but all I have to do is touch it and it comes off! Bummer.  I also made her a hair bow to match, which stars the glitter ribbon I got at Michaels.  I think I paid no more than $10 for this dress.  Cheap for a dress this cute!  She wore it for her Easter portraits:       

Total price: abt $10

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  1. They look so darling in their Easter outfits! Love Elisa's fancy overskirt. Picture Perfect!