Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinafore Dress with Ruffle Bloomers

 I LOVE this next little outfit!  It is a pinafore dress with a ruffled diaper cover.  I also love that it is very comfy for her and very easy for me to put on and off (it only has one snap in the back).  Most importantly, I love how inexpensive this was to make! I bought this fabric at the thrift store, and it was only a couple bucks! She looks so sophisticated and classy in it! I love all the ruffles.  I was inspired by this Etsy shop and used/altered this pattern. Super cute!  Pinafore dresses are really quite easy to make!

Total cost: $3 
 I would have had to pay at least $50 for this if I were to buy one like it online!  Can't beat that price!

1 comment:

  1. Simple dotted fabric ended up being a cute dress for a cute baby!