Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Random Goodies...

 First off, Elisa's hair-bow holder.  I actually made it before she was born ,but I just had to take a picture because it looks like an untended, overgrown garden!  So many bows.  And these don't include all the other hair bows in the box.  Anyway, it was real easy to make.  I simply painted a $2 wooden plaque, put some rub-on decals, and glued long (obviously not long enough) ribbon on it: 

 Wipes case.  I've already lost two of these so I'll probably loose this one.  But untill then, she has a cute wipes case that matches her car seat cover and blanket:

Elisa's Christmas present, a sensory blanket.  I don't know what the real name is for these, but that's what I call it.  It was fun and easy to make and Elisa loves it:

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