Monday, January 2, 2012

Now THAT'S a Hairbow!

I've started to make Elisa those big boutique-style hair bows and now I am ADDICTED!  They are SO MUCH fun to make, but quite a bit harder to make than I thought they would be.  I followed a tutorial on youtube (there are a ton of them-any one who says "I don't know how" is clearly not using their resources!!).

Since these hairbows require a lot of ribbon, they are not particularly cheap to make-by the time you buy all the needed ribbon, you may as well have bought one (unless of course you're making several hairbows).   In fact, I did buy Elisa one at a boutique (with a 40% off coupon) that was under $10 (that was totally worth the price but generally they cost more).  BUT...If you already have a huge stash of ribbon like I do, then I would say go for it! I loved making this bow and I love the colors.
No boring, plain, and small hairbows for Elisa!  These really make a baby girl stand out of the crowd and are absolutely adorable!!


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  1. Wow!! Those kimono shoes were so pretty! Hairbows too!! :) Great job Amy!!