Friday, November 18, 2011

Gabe's Wool Peacoat

At Joanes, I bought a McCall's pattern for 99 cents for a boy's and girl's coat.  Elisa is way to little for the pattern size, but it was perfect for Gabe! I was so excited about making Gabe a cute, unique coat, especially since he didn't have one that fit him and we were going to Chicago, where it is of course much colder than sunny AZ.  I seriously could not wait to make it!
I got called "crazy" (in a nice way) by a friend for "stressing myself out" by throwing a Halloween party the day before leaving for Chicago.  What this person didn't know is that I sewed my son a pea coat in between that Halloween party and leaving for Chicago the next day!! Now that, my friends, is CRAZY!!  I don't know if I'd do that again, and I really DID stress myself out that time.  I literally had just finished sewing on the buttons seconds before the Super Shuttle knocked on the door.  But heck, Gabe had a super cute coat that was a perfect fit and warm enough for Chicago weather.
Anyway, price wise--oh dear, I fear I went overboard and paid more than I would have for a regular coat BUT this is a 100% wool peacoat, and you know, those are NOT CHEAP!! $75 was the average going rate for a boy's peacoat.  I paid $30 for everything--the wool fabric, the lining, and the buttons AND, this price includes the materials to make Gabe the adorable hat to go with the coat which regretfully I have not started yet but I plan to soon!  So not bad, all things considered.
Making this coat was a big, stressful blur.  The pattern was didn't ask for a lining.  Seriously, what toddler would ever wear a wool coat without a lining?! Luckily the lady at the cutting counter helped me pick out the right fabric for the lining, but other than that, I really had no idea how to making the lining.  I used my own peacoat as a guide, and the lining turned out quite well I think.  Also the directions on how to make the collar were nauseatingly confusing.  I ended up not really following the pattern and just did what I thought looked right.  I think the coat turned out wonderfully.  The bottom hemming however is HIDEOUS.  I was in such a rush that I did not take care and it looks like utter crap, but I can, and will, fix it.  Soon.  Working with wool was a little scary at first, mostly because I've never worked with it and it is one of the more expensive fabrics.  That boy looks so handsome in his coat:

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