Friday, November 18, 2011

Felt Flower Hair bow

 Here is Elisa's latest hair bow! FYI, in the past few weeks, Elisa has acquired approximately 10 new hair bows, most of which I bought for extremely cheap, and a few I made (will post them later).  I have dubbed Elisa the hair bow queen, I am quite certain she has more hair bows than any other baby girl in the world.  Quite certain.

Anyway, this hair bow was super easy and super cheap! If you buy all the materials, (20 cents for each color, 60 cents for the nylon band) it would add up to be about $1.20 for all of it, and you could make at least 4 of these.  So it cost around 30 cents to make.  I would like to see you try to find a hair bow this cute for 30 cents some where else!
Here is the tutorial to make the rose.  Like I said, SO easy! I cut a nylon stocking into a thin strip so it doesn't look so thick, and then glued it all together!

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