Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Bling-Interchangeable Snap Bracelet

 This project was my very own idea, and I am very proud of it! I love bracelets on little babies; I think they are adorable.  Elisa has a few but then I thought, why not have ONE bracelet that can match with everything?  I don't have room or the mind set to keep track of a bunch of little bracelets.  Then I got this idea to make Elisa an interchangeable bracelet. I'm sure someone somewhere has done this before, in fact, I am certain interchangeable snap bracelets have been made for adults, but I haven't seen one made for infants.  
Anyway, I had a ton of fun making all the different flowers and bling to snap on.  These bracelets are SO easy to make.  Just string some little pearls, and then string your snap on and tie together.  The bling can just be glued on to the receiving end of the snap.  You can get as creative as you'd like.  The only obstacle I encountered when making these--and it may just be the type of snaps I used--was that the top of the receiving end of the snap curved up, so I had to work around that.  For instance, I had a really cute sparkly button I wanted to use, but it wouldn't lay right on the snap.   The red flower is a button, and I actually had to carve a dent in it (it is plastic) so it would lay flush with the snap.  I couldn't do that with the metal button.
So feel free to steal my idea and make a bunch of money off it.  But I doubt it will ever make it on the market due to choking hazards (actually, your baby would have to be super baby to chew the parts off and swallow them).


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