Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aaliyah's Dress

 Here is the dress I made for my sweet niece, Aaliyah, which was actually a gift for my sister's b-day. I bought the fabric super cheap at Joannes, the lady said it was one of their most expensive fabrics that had been significantly marked down.  I used the same dress pattern for the bodice that I've used previously.  The skirt part of the dress I had fun creating.  It's two-layered; the top layer is"gathered" with elastic so that a bit of the bottom layer shows through.  I know, not a good explanation and the pictures don't show it that well, but I love the unique look it gives the dress.  Personally, I love the pattern, but a few people think it looks African or Christmas-y.  I think it looks very sophisticated and unique.  And of course, it looks darling on the even-more-darling baby, Aaliyah:

I can't remember exactly how much I paid for everything (when can I ever remember?!), but it was somewhere around $5-$7.  Super cheap and super cute! 

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