Monday, August 29, 2011

Rolled Flower Head Band

 Outfits with no matching headbands always inspire a new headband! That was the case with this little dress--there was no hair bow to match, so I made her one. Because God forbid Elisa ever goes without a matching hair bow! 
I had a lot of fun making this head band.  The rolled flowers are so easy to make.  There are a million tutorials on YouTube, so I'll let you find one for yourself.  My favorite part was glueing on the beads, they add a nice touch. 
I used scrap fabric so I pretty much paid nothing to make this.  Excepting the nylon hair band, I guess that cost me a whopping 33 cents...make that 17 cents, they come in a pack of 2 :)
Here is an online boutique that sells hair bands similar to this one.  The cheapest one I saw was $13.00--I don't even know how much shipping is!   

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