Sunday, August 28, 2011

Burned Flower Tutorial

 First, cut your circles.  I traced around some cups and made 3 different sizes, 5 of each, but you can make however much you want:

 Now the fun part.  With RIGHT sides of fabric together,  use tweezers to hold the piece just over the flame.   NOT in the flame.  You just need the heat to melt the edges to they look polished and most importantly, don't fray.

Now you have  a bunch of petals.  Arrange them so they look like a flower.  There is no right way, just do whatever you think looks best.  I like to glue gun mine, but regular craft glue or a needle and thread will do fine.  Whatever works. 

Add your bling.  I sewed mine in first and then glued it for security:

 If you're doing the nylon head band, cut off the ends and stich them together with your needle and thread.  Then cut out 2 circles (no bigger then your flower) of your felt and sandwich the seam between the felt circles. If your making it a clip, just hold open the clip and sandwich one side between the felt (you'll want the flat side to be by her head). Glue.  This makes it look neater but mostly keeps it comfortable for the baby to wear:

And here it is on our beautiful little model:

 Oh, and here is a similar version on Etsy.  $16 plus $4 for shipping.

I used leftover fabric, I had that button sitting around for litteraly ten years, and I paid 33 cents for the nylon.  I would have paid 8 times as much buying it from someone else.  Also it only took me what, a half hour to make?  It sure pays to make it yourself! 

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