Monday, August 29, 2011

Black Princess Onesie

 This is one of the first little outfits I made for Elisa. There wasn't much sewing involved, except sewing the tutu on the onesie.  The letters I just ironed on and the hair bow was put together using a black rose I bought for $2 and some feathers I got of some old lingerie, ha (she'll never know).  I love the sewn-in tutu! You need a minimal amount of tulle, just fold it in half and sew it on.  You should probably measure so it's not crooked.  I didn't cuz I'm lazy but it still turned out okay.  This is one of my favorite outfits on her, the hair bow really makes it pop!  Plus it is a nice break from all the pink.  Who knew black could be so adorable?! I'll be so sad when she grows out of this outfit, but I do plan on making her some more onesie-tutus because they're so easy and so darn cute!  

Here is a similar one I found on Etsy. $25 + $5 shipping.  I think I paid $5 MAX for the outfit and 10 minutes of sewing and another 5 ironing on the letters.

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