Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Scrap Wad

This is what comes from 5 sewing projects--a beautiful scrap wad!  And this is what actually made it to the trash can; the rest is scattered all over the floor.  Sewing is messy!

Princess Shirt

I found this princess fabric at Joann's.  It is ADORABLE.  Unfortunately, the shirt I chose to make out of it didn't do the fabric justice.  I think it is just too baby-ish for an almost-6-year-old.  Maybe its the eyelet lace I chose to trim it with, or maybe its the fact that it is a shirt and not a dress, even though it looks like a dress.  Like, it looks like a really, really short dress on Eesa--she looks like she's wearing a dress for a one-year-old even thought the bodice fits.  Yeesh.  Eesa likes it, but I don't. I'll see if my niece wants it.  Otherwise, to Goodwill it will go!

Valentines Day Dress

 Here is girly's Valentines dress for this year! It was made on a whim (i.e. NOT planned) but I like the way it turned out!  I used the Clara pattern from VFT.  I used some thrifted fabric I've had in my stash for YEARS.  I was glad to finally use up that fabric!  I love the "conversation-heart" pattern on the fabric.  I had purchased some pink polka dot fabric that I was going to pair with some other fabric I had in my stash and make her a Valentines day dress out of that, but this came along and so I'm saving that fabric for something else! I had a heck of a time choosing the buttons in the middle. Yellow heart buttons would have been my first choice, had they actually existed.  I could not find yellow heart buttons ANYWHERE.  Or for that matter, pink heart buttons! Those would have been my second choice. So yellow round buttons it is.  Okay, enough rambling, here are the pics:

She's wearing a pettiskirt underneath so the dress was really fluffy!

I like that this dress isn't the typical red-and-pink Valentine color scheme.  I think she can get away with wearing this dress whenever and it won't like too "Valentiny".

Pink and Brown Rose Shirt

 I made this adorable blouse a few months ago.  I made it from thrifted fabric so it was as cheap as free.  I probably wouldn't have picked out this particular fabric (I'm not a huge fan of the colors) but it turned out cute enough! I used a combination of patterns for this shirt: the Clara (modified "sleeves"), the Pepper (for the bodice), and Penolope (for the skirt portion) all from VFT.  Here she is modeling her new shirt!


The back.  Kam snaps are the best things ever! 

The side.  Come to think of it, I don't think she needs the back ties.  Oh well. 

Strikin' a (goofy) pose!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ruffle Sleeved "Clara" Shirt

 I finally conceded that it was time to buy the Clara pattern from VFT.  I initally thought that it was too babyish and a little night-gownish.  But oh my goodness, am I ever glad I bought the pattern (on sale for 5 bucks)! The cuteness far outweighs any babyishness it may have. And as for the night-gown look, I have made a few nightgowns from the pattern, using the original (curved bodice) pattern style.  For everything else I use the straight bodice option.
This is the first shirt I made using the pattern.  I used thrifted fabric, so I this shirt was mostly free.  It was good that I did, because it seems this particular pattern runs small. She wears a 5 in all of the other patterns from VFT but a 5 in the Clara pattern is just too darn small for her.  And she is skinny! Hmm.  So now I use a size 6 pattern and it fits her fine.
This pattern is fairly easy, although the "sleeves" (I'm not sure what they are actually called-but they are simply gathered strips) take some time.  But they're worth it because they definitely make the dress/shirt!  I made this a couple of months ago (Jan '17). Girly refused to wear this shirt for the longest time, but she finally agreed to wear it the other day! It will most likely be her last time because it is so small on her.  I can barely get it buttoned!

Elsa Sleevless Shirt

 I made this back in December '16.  The fabric was a remnant I found at Joann's.  I really like this shirt! I used the Pepper pattern from VFT, sans sleeves, with added piping at the waist, and snaps in front and back.  And UGH this girl wore it once and then decided she didn't like it anymore.  She claims that Elsa is too "scary".  Whatever.  It will be sent to her cousin.

Starry Night Dress

I made this back in December '16.  I just love the print! I thought it would make a pretty dress for Elisa.  I accidentally and stupidly cut one of the sleeves upside down! Ahhh!  I really, really wanted the 3/4 length sleeves (because you know winter).  So I went back to the Joann's where I bought the wasn't there, out of stock.  So I went to another Joann's, and success! They had it in stock, yay! So much work for one silly sleeve.  But I could not have an upside-down sleeve!
Anyway, Elisa wore this dress once and then refused to were it again.  I had even made a matching dress for her dolly!  So, I sold the dress and the dolly dress. No loss I guess, but it is really irritating to me when she refuses to wear things simply because I made them. Sometimes she claims that they're "too scratchy" despite being fully lined.  I think she doesn't like woven fabric; she'd prefer the stretchy knits instead, but unfortunately I'm not that experienced in working with knits, but I've done a few so hopefully this girly and I can reach a happy medium/compromise sometime. 5-year-olds can be really finicky!