Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blue Floral Top

I bought the Maisie pattern from VTF on their Black Friday sale.  It is such a pretty pattern!  I love the low back and exposed zipper.  I also like the ties on the sleeves!  Here is Eesa modeling her new Maisie shirt from fabric I bought at Joann's Black Friday Sale.  It fits her perfectly and is so feminine and sweet: 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Colorful Top with Bell Sleeves

 Here is a cute, warm and cozy shirt I made out of flannel (Nov. '16) for the winter.  I modeled it after another shirt I made years ago that I just loved (this one).  I used the VFT (Violette Field Threads) Pepper pattern for the bodice, the VFT Harlow peplum skirt.  I bought the fabric (a yard and a half I believe) at Joann's Black Friday sale, so it wasn't more than $5 that I paid for this top.  A fun, easy sew and she looks so cute in it!

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Pepper Dress

 I had been using my own pattern similar to Violette Field Thread's "Pepper" dress pattern, but I couldn't resist buying the real deal on their Black Friday sale! I'm so glad I did!  This is my new go-to pattern.  It is so classic, versatile, and fits my daughter as if they used her measurements for the pattern!  I just LOVE this pattern so much! My new favorite.  And as a bonus, it sews up pretty quickly!   Here is Eesa modeling her new Pepper dress.  I made it back in November 2016 (I did a lot of sewing that month!). I love how this dress turned out.  She gets lots of compliments in it:

A Very Cute Top

 Here is a very cute top I made back in November 2016.  I can't think of a clever name for it, but I sure do like it! I made it using scraps.  Well, except the bodice, I think it was made using fat quarters.  I've just "discovered" fat quarters.  By discovered, I mean I've just started using them.  I get them at Walmart for $1 each and they are great!   Anyway, I like how this turned out.  I even put some pockets in!  Pockets are an extra step or two, but they're easy enough and add a bit of casual-cuteness to the outfit.  Here is Eesa modeling her new shirt.  I like that she can wear it all year round because we can just layer it when it is cold:

"Prairie" Dress

Although I did not intend so, this dress turned out looking a bit like a Prairie dress.  Not that that's bad, I think this dress is adorable and it fits her perfectly.  I made it in November 2016. I used some floral print (hard to see) from my fabric stash I acquired from good will.  I added a little embellishment also thrifted from Goodwill.  So this dress costed no more than $1 to make!  She's worn this a few times already. 

Ruffled Bib Top & Pant Set

I made this cute outfit set a few years ago.  I like making these because they sew up quick, are fairly inexpensive to make, and are super cute!  She got a lot of compliments in it.  I used a blue tank I bought at the store, and for the pants I used Violette Field Threads Lucy pants pattern. It's been so long now that I don't remember where I bought the fabric! I added some thrifted red trim and lace trim.  Trims sure add a lot to the outfit!  Here she is, starting her second year of preschool:

Here is another outfit I made her.  She didn't wear it a whole lot, even though it is very cute. That's what happens when she has too many clothes, haha!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Colorfull Top

 Here's a shirt that Elisa and I both love!  Its colorful and comfortable.  I made it way back in March 2016.  It was made from a modified (free) peasant top pattern that I've been using for years.  It was really easy to make. I used some leftover fabric from when I made her a romper when she was just a baby.  I'm hoping that this shirt will fit her this coming summer, but if not, I'm definitely making her another one!  

Sweet Cherry Outfit Set

I made my niece some cute shorts out of cherry fabric my sister and I found at Walmart.  I liked the pants so much, that after they left, I made Elisa some pants just like it!  I also made her a bib shirt to go with it.  Although it is a bit big, I like it.  I even made a little headband to match!  Elisa can wear it next year.  I paid probably no more than $5 for the entire outfit.  The trims I already had, otherwise the price would have doubled.  Trims are expensive!!
Anyway, here are the pictures.  They aren't the best, but still cute anyway!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cousin Photo Shoot

 While my sister was staying with us back in August '16, we thought it would be cute to get the girl's portraits taken together!  I made them some matching Ginger Dresses for the occasion.  Elisa's dress sewed up fairly quick and easy, but it took longer of Aaliayah's dress to get finished because I had to run back to Walmart several times for the trim! Initially, I did not get enough trim for either of the girl's dresses, but luckily I had enough matching pink for Elisa's dress.  I used some fabric I *thought* matched the main fabric for Aaliyah's dress and wen ahead and sewed the collar in. I realized after stepping back to look at it, that it did not match at all! Duh!!  So I went back to Walmart, and bought some trim fabric that I could have sworn matched, but it didn't!  Arrrgh!  Third time was the charm though, and I finally found the right matching fabric!  However, since I had to unpick the collar and had trimmed and clipped the fabric, the new collar was a pain to put in and doesn't look perfectly perfect, but you can't tell in the photos at all so I guess it all turned out okay after all!  Here are the pictures: 

Matching Frozen Shirts

 I made these cute Frozen shirts for Elisa and her Cousin, Aaliyah back in August '16.  My sister was staying for a few weeks, and had bought a yard of Frozen fabric at Walmart for me to make something for the girls! A yard (plus coordinating fabric) was just enough to make two size 5 peasant shirts! I wish I had a better picture, but here is the one I got:

Curtain Dress!

 That's right.  I made Eesa a dress out of curtains.  I was just going to throw them away, but instead I decided to make a dress from them, just like Princess Giselle from Enchanted, haha! The dress looks cute in pictures, but in person it is sort...I don't know, kind of blah.  Not to mention a little stiff. 
While cutting the pattern (I used the Josephine dress from Foo Foo Threads), I noticed that here was a fairly noticeable crease in the fabric, right in the middle where I needed to cut the bodice.  So I cut the bodice piece a little wide, and hid the crease using pleats.I like the pleats, I just wish I ironed both sides of the pleats towards the middle, instead of all to one side.  And maybe a little lace trim in the middle. Here is the dress.  I almost want to bring it out again, seeing these cute pictures (I put it away since I didn't love the dress):

Monday, January 2, 2017

Red and Teal Dress

I made this dress about a year an a half ago.  I won a free pattern from 5Berries.  We both loved this dress and she wore it a fair amount of times.  My only grievance with this dress is that the flutter sleeves were overly-gathered.  I'm not sure if its the pattern's fault or mine.  Probably mine.  I really should make her another one like it because this is a darling dress!  She outgrew it so I had to sell it. 

Purple Butterfly Top

I made this cute peasant top for Elisa, but I made it two sizes too big! I'm not sure how that happend.  So I sold it for $8.  It was a waste of time, but at least I got something out of it! I hope whoever has it now likes it!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Orange Flutter Sleeve Medallion Dress

I made this dress a long time ago, like a year and a half ago from now (Jan '17)!  I ended up selling it on Varagsale because it got too small for Elisa.  I love this pattern (I can't recall which, sorry).  I hope to find it again in her size, since she wears a 5/6 and the pattern I cut out is a 3/4.  A very cute over-the-head slip on dress.  Stylish and comfy!  I made another using the same pattern, I posted about it here.  Why do kids have to grow so fast?! Oh well, I guess I can always make her more dresses!


Ruffled Bib Tanks

 Back in June '16 I had fun making a couple of ruffled bib shirts.  It was also around the time I was getting rid of Elisa's old clothes and selling them on Varagesale.  So I sewed a cute ruffled bib onto a tank top that I had forgotten about.  It was quick and easy!  Unfortunately, it was a little small.  So I sold it for like $4, haha!  I made another one, a pink one with white ruffle (my favorite), and she wore it until it got too cold.  Then I found another plain white tank as I was going through Eesa's old clothes.  I figured I might as well cuten it up and then get rid of it.  I whipped it up pretty quick and sold it for $5.  These are so cute, fun, and a quick and easy sew!  And a great scrap-buster!  I'm sure I'll be making more of these come next summer! 

Green & Brown Floral Dress

I made this dress back in June, just for kicks.  I used the same free bodice pattern I found online (found here).  I cute the dress too short originally, so I added another bottom layer.  I actually really like the two-tiered look, it gives the dress some personality!  I wasn't liking the cream trim around the outside of the bib, so I unpicked it all and put in some brown ruffle instead.  I like it much better with the brown ruffle!  Its a sweet, simple summer dress!  And that particular bodice pattern runs a little big, so she can wear it next year, too!

A Flop-Top

 Every once in awhile, one of these will pop up-- what I like to call a "Flop top".  By that I mean an outfit that didn't turn out so well.
Sometimes I can start a project with no direction and it turns out well.  Sometimes not.  This is one example of the not.  I don't know what I was thinking or where I was trying to go with the diagonal ruffles.  I modeled this dress from Violette Field Thread's Ginger pattern, and in attempt to be "creative", I screwed it up. I wish I would have just stuck to the pattern because the fabric is cute and had potential, but I ruined it.  I think in these pictures the shirt looks okay and even cute, but believe me, in person the shirt just looks...awkward. Needless to say, this was the one and only time Eesa wore this shirt: 

Strawberry Shirt

I apologize for not having a better picture of this adorable shirt!  I know I say this about a lot of the things I make, but this one is a favorite for sure!  She gets a ton of compliments when she wears it.  I made this shirt sort of on a whim, as in, I didn't plan very much ahead of time what exactly I wanted to go with this shirt, other than I wanted to make a shirt that was strawberry-themed. 
I miraculously happened to have all of these adorable fabrics that went perfectly together.  I even had trim AND a (thrifted) strawberry applique!  I didn't really use a pattern, well, I used a bodice pattern that I found for free off the internet somewhere.  It was a little loose on her (you can tell since the shirt is tied back) but that's even better because she can wear it another year! Yay!!

A Very Special Purple Dress

 I call this dress special because it is one of my absolute favorites!  And I can't even take credit for the entire dress!  My friend was getting rid of these quilting squares that she had sewn, and a big flower necklace.  Originally, they were completely unrelated, but when I saw them next to eachother, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them!
Using the Josephine pattern from Foo Foo threads (it was my go-to pattern for awhile!), I arranged the quilting squares just so.  I could have used a couple more, but that was out of my control (I like big, full dresses!).  Because the bulk of this dress had already been done for me, it was a quick sew!  And the necklace brings it all together.  And I didn't pay much more than a dollar to make this dress I made it back in June 2016)!