Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jean Tulip Dress

 I made this cute dress from the same pattern of a dress a few posts back. I originally was going to make a shirt with some jean ruffle pants out of it....but I messed up the cutting and came up with this instead.  I had juuuust enough fabric leftover from my screw-up, but I like the way this dress turned out even better!  I intended it to be for Elisa, but she already had (has!) too many dresses that I thought I'd give it to my niece Aaliyah, since it was her mommy that gave me the fabric to begin with.  I love it on her!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mario Head Pillow

 I'm back!  I have been sewing, but just not as much (baby takes up most of my time, and I do need to clean house every once in a while).  And what I have been sewing, I haven't been taking pictures so that I can post on here.  But here are some {crappy} iPod pictures of a very fun project I did a few months back.  Its not clothing I know, but the sewing machine played a vital role in producing this, and fabric was involved as well, ya go.  A big Mario head pillow!

First of all, copying was involved.  I'd prefer to call it "inspiration" and "thriftiness"

^^ my son really wanted this Mario head pillow.  He's obsessed with Mario Bros.  I didn't want to shell out money for something I could make myself and pay a fraction of the cost.  Besides, it was very fun to make.  My boy really enjoyed watching it get put together and was so so excited about the whole process.  I didn't have the needed fabric in my scrap pile, so I did have to go to Joann's and buy some proper fabric for this project.  It added up to $5 or so.  I bought some soft yet stretchy skin-colored fabric and some soft stretchy red fabric (they were both fleece-like material).
I didn't use any pattern; I made my own.  I would upload the pattern pieces here so others can use them, but I haven't the darnedest idea how to do that, so sorry.
Here are some pictures of the progress, and the final item.  I do NOT have an embroidery machine so yes, the stitching around the eyes is a bit wobbly, but my little guy did not seem to notice and I don't think it takes too much away from the complete look. The eyes were the most time-consuming part, but after they were finished, the project came together fairly quickly and easily.  The only mistake I made lies within the pattern itself--I should have made the brim of the hat (the part that rests against the head) curved instead of straight.  It pulls a little bit, making it not lay right.  Not too noticeable though.  I think in all it turned out great, but most importantly, my son was (and is) super happy with it.  He loves it! Yay!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blue & Green Dress

It's been awhile.  Anywho, I made this dress for Eeesa waaaay back in October.  I actually made it for a parade she was supposed to be in, but it was canceled.  No loss though, I'm very happy with the way this dress turned out.  I bought the fabric a while back at hobby lobby, and the green trim at walmart, so I spent probably around $6-7 to make this dress.  I can't even remember which pattern I used, but I really like this pattern (no closures-it is a pull-over dress!).  You can't see it that well, but I did some machine top-stitching as embellishment along the tops of the pockets (I love those pockets!) and across the chest.  I think it adds a unique, professional touch.  Elisa wears this fairly often and I've got plans to make her another dress using this pattern.