Friday, August 30, 2013

Medallion Dress

I'm totally kicking myself for not buying the rest of the bolt.  $2/yd for the brightly colored medallion fabric at Hobby Lobby!  I don't know what I am thinking sometimes.  Oh well.  I bought 1 yd and only used 1/2, so I have a little left but what a steal I practically passed up! 
Anyway, not too much to say about this dress; it was fairly simple to make and looks super cute on my little Elisa.  I've seen lots of these bib shirts (I even have a couple in the shop) and I think they're adorable!  I made this one square-ish and I think it turned out well, it really makes the dress.  I love that this dress is cute yet comfy and practical.  I like the bright colors on her.  Then again, she looks good in anything I put on her!  


1 comment:

  1. I couldn't tell from the front that the Chevron print is on the back. I like it, and she is a cutie with enough hair for real pigtails now!!