Friday, August 30, 2013

Emmaline Romper

Here is my altered version of the Emmaline dress.  As much as I LOVE that dress, it's not always practical since it is so long.  I combined the romper pattern with the Emmaline dress bodice since I the neckline is so gorgeous.  I added some adorable ruffle pockets and trim in the same fabric on the hem of the pants.  It looked fabulous until I tried in on Elisa...whoops...too short!  I had to un-pick the bodice-to-shorts seam and add some more fabric so it wouldn't give little Elisa a huge wedgie!  But, I like the way it looks with the extra seam, it gives it a belt-ish look.
Elisa receives lots of (good) attention when she in out and about wearing this romper.  It is one of my favorites on her.  Now I'm just waiting for someone to steal my idea/design :)   

Medallion Dress

I'm totally kicking myself for not buying the rest of the bolt.  $2/yd for the brightly colored medallion fabric at Hobby Lobby!  I don't know what I am thinking sometimes.  Oh well.  I bought 1 yd and only used 1/2, so I have a little left but what a steal I practically passed up! 
Anyway, not too much to say about this dress; it was fairly simple to make and looks super cute on my little Elisa.  I've seen lots of these bib shirts (I even have a couple in the shop) and I think they're adorable!  I made this one square-ish and I think it turned out well, it really makes the dress.  I love that this dress is cute yet comfy and practical.  I like the bright colors on her.  Then again, she looks good in anything I put on her!  


Monday, August 26, 2013

Fiona Top #3

 This is actually my third Fiona top that I have made--I haven't gotten around to posting the others quite yet!  This pattern was one of several that I won from a Violette Field Threads giveaway.  I LOVE this pattern.  It didn't stand out to me at first but now that she has a couple of these I'm convinced this is the cutest top ever!!  The pattern also comes in a dress as well--I will have to try it someday! 
Away, I bought this fabric on clearance at Joannes at it is actually not too bad, and the print on it is super cute (you can't see it but there are little dear and flowers all over it).  This top is fairly easy to make.  I did make the bow in the back a bit smaller than the pattern calls for---we like practicality as well as cuteness in Elisa's wardrobe!  Here are some not-so-good pictures of her modeling her shirt. She wasn't in the mood for a fashion show I guess!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elisa's Pioneer Dress

 I bought this light maroon colored fabric at Joanns on super-duper clearance (like $1.50/yd) and I after working with it, I can see why it was on clearance.  Cheap, cheap fabric! Thin, wrinkly, and stiff.  Oh well.  A costume is about all it was good for.
When I went to cut this fabric, I didn't really have any plans; I just started making a dress and paired it with some lace and trim I thought looked good with it.  When I finished the dress, I thought it looked plain and old-fashioned, so I decided it definitely needed a little bonnet to complete the pioneer look!  I found a free, easy pattern here.  I have fun dressing her up in her little dress and bonnet, but alas, she is not quite ready for the dress up/imagination stage yet.  At the very least we have a back-up costume for Halloween!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flamenco Dress

 This is definitely one of Elisa's more daring dresses I've made!  It took some adjustments and re-adjustments until I decided it was good enough. I found this neon fabric at Joanns and thought it super fun and unique!  I thought black would be very striking paired with the neon colors.  I had no solid plans before starting on this just came to be! 
I really love how the skirt turned out.  For the first round, however, I didn't care for the top.  You can't see too well in the photos, but it was just a mess.  I like the idea I had of the ruffles wrapping around the top diagonally, but--thanks to poor planning--the execution was bad.  It it didn't ruffle enough around her right shoulder so it laid funny.  Also I didn't have enough fabric leftover to make bias tape so I just cut strips on the straight grain.  I knew better, but I didn't have much choice.  And of course it sat weird and didn't contour with the curves like bias tape would.  

 So I unpicked it all and made just a straight ruffle across the front instead.  I don't really like how the pink layer flips up but it's not that big of a deal to me so I'm not going to go back and fix it!  Isn't she darling in her dress?!  She sure gets a lot of attention when she wears it!