Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Boo! Pinny

I came across this adorable pattern via Pattern Revolution and I loved its beauty and versatility--both pattern-wise and wearing-wise!  When I saw all the beautiful pinafores made using the pattern, I was determined to make one myself!  I love all of the patterns this Australian designer makes!
When I first downloaded the pattern, I was a bit put-off since it didn't have any actual patterns to cut out and pin! It is a chart of measurements for the needed pieces, and now that I have it all figured out (I was REALLY confused at first!), I'm convinced that that is the BEST idea ever! I love not having a ton of tiny pattern pieces floating all over the room.  One sheet of paper is all that is needed for this pattern!
The tutorial is awesome and the directions are clear.  The pinny doesn't take too much time to put together.  That is, if you don't make it with flutter sleeves and a tie-back straps with a loop like I did.  I think the sleeves just make the pinny though!   I also love that the inside is just as pretty as the outside, thanks to all the binding techniques used in the pattern.   
I've entered my version of the pinny in the contest--but I probably won't win as I don't have professional pictures (I really need a decent camera!) or a mannequin to model it--but there's always hope! Elisa's version includes a double-layer flutter sleeve and the bodice displays some quilted scraps (I sure was happy to find a use for them! Yay!).  I love the fabric colors in Elisa's--so girly--but the touch tan in it keeps it from being nauseatingly so.
Here is Elisa's:

I made another one for my niece, Aaliyah, for her 2nd birthday.  I made it pretty similar to Elisa's except it is slightly shorter and uses the bow-tie option instead of quilted scraps.  I love the way this one turned out too!  Blue on little girls is so pretty!

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  1. She's precious in the pink pinafore with the quilted bodice. It's unique and looks great!

    The blue delft fabric design with the bow bodice looks very European, but it's gorgeous, too!

    You should win!!