Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Layered Lace Skirt + Necklace

 Here is a pretty simple and simply pretty skirt that I whipped up a couple of months ago (okay, more than a couple of months ago--how about half a year ago!).
 I LOVE making skirts (Elisa's closet can attest to that!) and I'll tell you why:  They're easy.  They're quick.  They've got growing room. They require little fabric, which means they're cheap (my favorite part!) and of course, they're adorable (my other favorite part)!
There was nothin' to this skirt.  3 layers of slightly gathers lace which I found at Goodwill (for at most a couple of bucks) sewn onto a piece of white scrap fabric.  Sewed it up, made a casing, and put in the elastic.  Easy.  I like that the lace hangs over the lining just a bit as to get that see-through, elegant look.  I also like that the lace is a slight off-white and not a stark, blaring white--it matches a lot of her shirts!  And I mentioned previously that I made it 6 months or so ago.  Still fits!  I love this skirt--kinda tempted to make myself one!

Okay, one last thing: The necklace.  I know this blog focuses on mainly my sewing projects, but did you know I've been making jewelry since I was 12?  Yeppers, and now I get to make jewelry for my little girl and that makes me very happy!
 Chunky necklaces for little girls are the trend right now (I am obsessed with them so I hope it lasts for a long time!).  And I can't figure out why the craft stores haven't jumped on this trend and start selling the big beads in store--duh you'd think?!  So if I want to make Elisa a chunky necklace myself I have to order the beads online, which costs around $11/necklace (I am not interested in selling chunky necklaces so I don't want to buy in bulk which I'm sure would lower the cost per necklace significantly).  But I was at Hobby Lobby (surprise surprise!) a couple of months ago strolling through the jewelry section and this GORGEOUS strand of semi-chunky beads caught my eye, the sparkle and beauty pulled me in and the half-off price got me!  I bought some transparent ribbon (with a slight silvery tone to it) and pulled it through the beads with a knot in between each bead.  Sounds easy enough--if the beads had bigger holes--but unfortunately, I spent most of my time fiddling around trying to get the beads to go through the ribbon, but, I think it turned out perfect!   

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  1. Flapper girl! She looks pretty and fancy! Nice beads from Hobby Lobby. Wish we had one. We're always hearing rumors about getting that store and Forever 21 here.