Monday, May 6, 2013

Upcylce Tutu Top

 Here is one of my creations that I am very proud of! My sister gave me a tacky tube-top that I wouldn't wear in a million years.  I decided to make good use of it by turning it into something cute and wearable!  Of course my little Elisa ended up with yet another clothing item.  
This was the shirt:

 I used the shirred back from the old shirt as the back for the new one:
 I made a scalloped halter top (I altered a pattern I already had on hand) from some cute fabric I bought from Hobby Lobby with a story-book print:
 And used the bodice skirt to sew on the two layers of tulle.  I've mentioned before that tulle is the devil.  This time it was just an annoying demon thank goodness.  I still hate working with tulle but since I used a pre-cut roll it wasn't as bad to work with.

And there ya have it: A super cute, girly, unique summer shirt!  Even though it was upcycled, I've added it to the shop because I can make another one from new fabric, I would just have more steps to work through.

Isn't my little fashionista just gorgeous in her new shirt?  She gets lots of compliments when she wears it.


  1. She is precious in her ballerina outfit!!

    I love the print fabric! It resembles an old fashioned (two color) print once used for wallpaper. I think there's a name for it.

  2. The fabric I was thinking of is called toile.