Friday, February 8, 2013

Shiny Ruffle Dress

 I know I say this about practically everything I make...but I really really love this dress on Elisa! It is totally HER.  I made it awhile ago and bought the fabric even longer ago, so I can't remember how much I paid for the fabric...probably under $5 though.  Anyway,  I love everything about this dress except for one thing (it really isn't a big deal though)--I wish the black edging were red so it could match the trim on the skirt, or visa versa.  Oh, and this type of skirt (circle skirt) with this type of fabric (polyester aka slippery) is reeeaaalllly hard to hem.  I used some stretchy lace and ribbon and sewed it right on the edge. The stretchy lace worked better than the ribbon. I would have preferred to use just the lace for both layers but I didn't have enough of it, but I guess it turned out cute regardless. Oh, and using a lighter to seal the fraying edges does wonders for fabric like this!
Here is the fashionista modeling her dress:


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  1. It looks like she's going to the circus or to a birthday party. The black edging accents the ruffles giving the dress a distinct look. Very lovely!