Friday, February 15, 2013

Peasant Shirt-Dress

So these peasant tops and dresses are SUPER popular right now on Etsy, probably due to the fact the are cute, easy, versatile, and quick to make.  I've made a couple already before this one, but I've been using a free pattern I got on sewing,, but I found an even BETTER one here on CreatKidsCouture (I love their designs--look under tutorials!).  Such a clever way to make a pattern, and it comes with a tutorial--all for FREE! 
This dress was made completely out of scraps\s.  It would have been a quick project if I didn't have to piece some parts together and figure out what works with the amount of fabric I had. Man I sure wish I could have more fabric! I use mine up so quickly--maybe I shouldn't sew so much?! 
I also appliqued a heart in the front, I think it turned out just perfect!  The two bows really make it pop.  Here is Elisa in her dress (that also ended up going home with the cousin Aaaliyah!).  This dress looks super cute paired with black leggings and her Mud Pie Wild Child hair bow, but alas, I didn't bother with the accessories for these photos, oh well:


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  1. Cute peasant dress, and I especially like the heart in the middle.