Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pink and Zebra Dress

 This dress was completely unplanned and totally random but I love the way it turned out!  I just wanted to use up some scrap material...I cut out some sleeves with the intention of adding them on a onesie...but instead I came up with this:

Elisa looks like a diva in this shiny dress! I love that it was made with 100% leftover scrap material, so it didn't cost anything to make...well...actually, I did have to buy a I guess I spent $1.50 for this adorable dress!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink Dress

This dress is pretty basic, but cute.  Unlike the horrible picture, it is shiny and pretty pink in real life.  I bought some pink sparkly lace with this polyester fabric, but I didn't use it because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough lace and fabric to do what I had in mind.  Oh well!  Elisa looks darling in this dress and it fits her well!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Newborn Green Dress

 I made this for my VTing companion who was about to have her 6th girl!  I had to dig deep in my pattern stash to find a newborn dress pattern.  I had the fabric on hand already; it was actually supposed to be for Elisa's Christmas dress last year, but I chose something else instead so it was nice to finally get some use out of it!
Again with the horrendous pictures--so sorry--someday I'll get to use a real camera!  This dress looks so much prettier in real life.  It is a shiny emerald green with a sparkly chiffon overlay.  I even added a little bling on the front; it is actually an earring that got detached from it's hanger.
I was excited to try a new technique (new to me anyway---it's been around for ages) called pin-tucking.  It takes a little extra time but it isn't hard---at least (I'm assuming) with cooperative fabric that doesn't slip, slide, and generally drive you up the wall like the fabric I used.  I know that there exists a foot attachment specifically designed for pin-tucking, but I don't pin tuck enough to make it worth it, at besides, it's works out just fine doing it by hand.  Mine were ever so slightly uneven but hopefully no one will notice.  I'm sure the little girl will look beautiful in her little dress!      

Fun Colorful Skirt

It's been so long since I've made this skirt that I almost forgot all about it!  I chose the colorful fabric because I thought it would go with a lot of her shirts.  It was easy to make and very cheap (less than $5).  It has 3 layers: top colorful floral print, middle tulle, and inner black polyester.  This skirt was so fun to make and even more fun to put on Elisa!  Here she is, rockin' her skirt--complete with boots and a fun hair bow: