Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zebra Print Outfit

Only one post in the past month and a half! Well that's quite deceiving---I have been sewing like CRAZY this past month!  I think I haven't been posting because I have chosen to sew instead.  Oh yeah, and all the pictures I take are crap.  Better than nothing though.  I will start with the most recent, I finished it today actually!

I know the pink and zebra is soooo last year and that's probably why the fabric was 50% off at Hobby Lobby, but I couldn't resist it's shiny softness--and the cheap price!  I paid less than $5 for all the fabric.

Elisa was in desperate need of a winter outfit (it all of the sudden decided to be winter here--85 degrees last week and 50 degrees this week-geeeeeze), so I decided to make her one.  The top was originally supposed to be all pink with the black zebra for just the skirt, but when I tried the top on Elisa, it wouldn't fit over her head! Oops! Well, that oops turned out to be for the best. I split the top down the middle and made a little faux-shrug instead.  The zebra print fabric is sewn on to the pink shrug, so that it looks like two peices but it's really one.
  It is always challenging--and not to mention annoying--to work around a mistake, but in this case I'm glad I made that mistake!  I think it turned out super cute and almost no flaws now that it's done! Usually there is always something about a project that bugs me or a wish I would have done better, but this one I like.  Oh---there was one other thing--I did buy a bunch of tulle in hope of making the skirt really fluffy, but it ended up looking silly so I took it out. You'd never know though.

He is the gorgeous princess in her cute outfit, please excuse the grainy crappy pictures:
P.S...I used my new ruffler foot attachment for the ruffles around the ankles and I love that thing!  What a time-saver.

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  1. It's a good thing you're so creative. She almost looks like Thing 1 or Thing 2. Don't take that wrong. She looks very cute.